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This episode will go in my top 10 episodes of all time! Not only that but the Jim and Pam moment towards the end of the episode all tops my few amazing Jim and Pam moments of all time. It was quite interesting and cool to find out that Jim and Pam do “illegal activities” haha. That was so funny to find out. Lmao.

There were so many great quotes in this episode too. If you are not watching The Office, you are missing out big time, I will tell you that for sure. If you are a fan, thank you because I am sure you rock! :) Not to say those that do not, do not rock, just that, go watch it now!

Some quotes:
Pam: “If it were an iPod it would be a shuffle.”
Creed: “What’s a text?”

What a hell of a great game! Both teams did amazing but in the end Steelers player Holmes had one hell of a catch to hopefully clinch the win and well, they did! They Steelers ended up winning Super Bowl 43, 27 to 23. I like both teams but in the end, I stuck with the Steelers and wanted them to win but it would still of been nice to see the Arizona Cardinals and Kurt Warner to win a Super Bowl too.

Commercials were so-so, I don’t enjoy them a whole lot but I also do not dislike them either. You can view these commercials at or I very muched liked the trailers shown during the commercials but I have already seen most of them anyways. The halftime show I enjoyed too and thought it was better than it has been in the last many years, nice job Bruce Springsteen.