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Last week, AnnaMaria Andriotis posted an article at Yahoo Finance on “10 Things Not to Buy in 2010“. In my opinion, she is an absolute moron. Never again should such a person write anything technology related and financial. She should actually be fired from Yahoo, but then ago, probably will be soon anyways seeing how it is Yahoo.

First read the article, linked above, first. Then proceed reading my comments related to this story below.

I do not see DVDs having any problem in sells or store rentals this year. While yes, Blockbuster said they will be closing stores but that is more than likely have to due with competition (Redbox, Netflix, video on-demand, etc) and their prices being expensive. I know many people that still won’t try Netflix, don’t care for it, use Redbox instead and so forth.

Now for compact digital cameras, yea fucking right should you not buy these this year. They are not going anywhere soon. These are much easier to carrier yet alone cheaper to buy than SLR digital cameras. Do you honestly think you are going to see teens or adults wanting to carry around a big camera versus a small compact camera?

To say that external hard drives should not be bought this year and to purchase online backup services is the dumbest thing I have heard. I am not dissing online backup services. I personally do not trust them. Especially when they can disappear at any time without you ever know or announcing they are closing down then having everyone rush to backup their data. Then there is the current economy, most of these places range anywhere from $4.95 and on a month. So you are paying more than $60 a year on these services when you would should not and save more. External hard drives are so cheap today too, even internals, you can pick up 1TB for around $90 to $119. That’s cheap.

This won’t be the year that newspaper subscriptions die even more either, well, at least buy a huge margin that they start shutting down. Nor should you, if you do, stop subscribing. I personally do not subscribe but I will occasionally grab a newspaper and read it. I know people who still do too and I doubt they will be getting rid of it this year or next.

Now everything else I would suggest to not buy though this year, if you choose too. Which includes home telephone service, new college textbooks, cds and gas-guzzling cars. Buying used college textbooks should not even be new to 2010, I know many who have or at least, should have, been doing this for years already.

Well I could say much more on each matter, but I will leave it at that for now. Feel free to comment below and add to this discussion or your opinion.

Today GeoCities closes forever. Not just closing but being deleted, forever. I remember back in the 90’s when I did something? with GeoCities or maybe that was Angelfire. I cannot remember which but either way, those days are pretty much gone. Surprising people still use such free hosted sites though, some companies do it great while others fail to upgrade and just are stored as wasted space.

GeoCities was started in 1994 then later bought out by Yahoo in 1999. Earlier this year in April, Yahoo announced they would no longer be accepting new registrations and gave users more than enough time to save their content. As well as let users visitors know their site would be closing or moving. If you are interested in reading more about GeoCities closing check out a nice post about it over at or