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Saw this over at neowin on my daily visit..

In a case that could have forced Linux vendor Lindows to change its business name worldwide, a Netherlands court ruled this week that Lindows’ current limited use of the Lindows name does not violate Microsoft’s Windows trademark. After it lost an earlier case in the same Amsterdam court over the use of the Lindows name, Lindows changed the name of its operating system product and corresponding Web site to Linspire. However, it kept Lindows as its company name.

Microsoft sued Lindows again, charging that use of Lindows as its company name also constitutes an infringement on its Windows trademark. The Amsterdam District Court disagrees. “Not every use of the business name Lindows infringes on the Windows trademark,” Judge Sj. A. Rullmann says in her ruling. Lindows currently uses the Lindows name only in the small print on its Web site and product documentation and clearly states that it is not affiliated with Microsoft. That use is not in violation of the court’s January ruling that barred Lindows from using the name to sell its version of the Linux operating system, according to the court.

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how sad though? from day one when I heard microsoft was sueing lindows over its name because the name is too much like windows operating system, I know they would not win, and they have not. Lindows did however change its OS name to Linspire, as it clearly states in the news, which they did not long ago. I like the name better then Lindows though :)

In other news…

MYIE2 released a new version,, of it’s web browser, for those new to hearing about this web browser, it uses IE’s engine, and wow, take a look at it definiately, i have been using it for awhile now, I love it. link:

For those that use DeadAIM, watch out for a fake file floating around the internet as “DeadAIM 4.6” it is NOT real. So do not download this file or click any links to get it.

Looking for a program like DeadAIM but can not pay for it? try out middle_man, link: click for website

That is all for now…!