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Lets all welcome back smile

Been awhile since I’ve worked on a decent design, what you see here, is a very simple design, and this is where I will start this website from and take it from here.

You can thank my friend Nikki for all the border images, and main image of along with the little logo. smile thank you nikki!

So what will become of I am going to provide computer help, guides, reviews, regular day life, anything and everything hopefully.

Now, other sites have this? Of course, I will just simply be another one to do it for my pleasure/fun/etc…

What do I want you to do? lets sign up at the forums and start discussing whatever wink as I have once again, reformatted the board, so you will have to resign up, this will be the last time because I am now using the final version of invision board, instead of the betas.