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– iMac: faster, larger disk, built in iSight. Includes FrontRow (app)
– iPod: 30GB/60GB with Video – realtime decoding of MPEG4 and H.264. 260,000 colors. Video out.
– FrontRow and PhotoBooth Apps.
– 30GB iPod: $299 – 31% thinner than current 20GB; – 60GB iPod: $399.
– New iPods avail next week. Comes with case
– iMac: $1299 for 17″ model with 1.5GHz, $1799 for 20″ model with 2.1GHz
– iTunes 6 to be released
– Front Row – comes with new iMacs. Lets you enjoy video/music/pictures from sofa. Everything still displayed on iMac screen. iPod-like remote. 6 button remote.
– Photobooth – appears to be slide show application.
– Music Videos. 2000 available to buy. $1.99 each.
– Can “gift” music to other people. Peer reviews and recommendation service.
– Videos have Digital Rights Management built in. Can play on up to 5 computers.
– You will be able to buy TV shows from iTunes Music Store. $1.99 per episode. ABC on board (Desperate Housewives, Lost)

And I guess these are the pictures of the iPod video:
Screenshot 1 and Screenshot 2

UPDATE: itunes 6 is ready to download, obtain it at: