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It has been awhile since I have posted anything here. I am still alive, a lot has happened recently in my life. The biggest thing was that my mom passed away a month ago today. Everything else is just small and useless compared to that. I did camp out all night on November 21st to get an xbox 360 on November 22nd. I was originally selling it but decided to keep it, and it’s great. I have NBA 2K6, FIFA 06, Condemned and Tony Hawk’s American Wasteland for it. I did not get Call of Duty or Need for Speed because I already had played and beat it on the computer.

I also bought myself a 15″ PowerBook and a Canon Digital Rebel XT Silver. Which are both great, especially finally owning an Apple computer. I love Mac’s.

On December 7th, 2005, I received my FREE iPod and iPod nano on the same day. (See more at the forums) The iPod video is great (30gb) and I love the syncing of everything with the mac.

I finished my finals over a week ago. 1 of them I did good on and the other (economics) wasn’t so good but my final grade for the class was still pretty good (nothing I can complain about).

That is about it, I had not been posting for awhile because I have been trying to put together a nice, clean, web design for as I absolutely hate the look I have right now and have for quite awhile. If anyone is interested in getting paid, let me know at the forums.