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So here’s my first entry for my blog.

I play Call of Duty 2 on Xbox 360 (xbox live) and seriously, there are a few things that bug me. Like when people ask what game type is this? Okay, seriously, if you really had to ask that, you should pick what game type you want because you can! If you don’t care, then just keep clicking Quick Match and for those asking what game type this is, would you just click Custom Match and pick what you want to play. Which gets me to another thing, people that don’t ask that question above but instead rather leave because they do not like the game type. Okay, once again, just use Custom Match.

Now, I know not always they disconnect because they do not like the game type. It could be because they just get disconnected because it happens sometimes in COD2 Xbox Live but also they could not like the map or then again some type of other reason (realized they had to go do something, no time, etc etc stuff). But for those that just disconnect because of the game type, you suck because you end up ruining the match. I like playing 4 on 4, wish it was higher though but maybe when we can get dedicated servers it could be.

Note to COD2 Xbox Live Players: Do NOT HOST a game if you are either UNSURE of your connection or if you know you have a crappy one. No one likes a laggy game. Of course their are other “lag” issues in the game play and such but laggy servers/bad pings result most of the time because of the host. Who is the host? The first person in the list. To regular players, a good thing to ask the host is if he/she has a good connecton before you go and play the match.