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Okay, I know Infinity Ward is too blame here because their font choice sucks in Call of Duty 2. But still, I am annoyed when people call me “steveo” and not “steve” when playing matches (on xbox live-360). It bugs the hell out of me, a lot. It is not like I do not wish I would of taken mistical years ago on xbox live and not had to resort to steve0384.

Another thing, again, to all Call of Duty 2 players. DO NOT COMPLAIN ABOUT NOT HAVING A LAG-FREE MATCH. For example “I hope this match does not lag, my last 3 have.” It is not fully-infinity ward/xbox live’s fault here. True, it could be better and will be in about 5 years when they put out the next multiplayer patch that we have only been waiting months for and we will end up moving to other new multiplayer games like Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter and getting rid of COD2. But it ALL depends on the HOST, the FIRST PERSON, in the LIST when you enter a pre-match/lobby game. If they do NOT have a good connection, YOU WILL LAG. What matters? Having upstream, if you have fast upstream (which you can tell by going to speed testing sites such as and it tells you that you have good upstream, then your set to host games, if not, do NOT ever host a game, please. I have 2 internet connections, 1 cable and 1 adsl. I can host great games on the adsl and it depends on the cable connection (80kb/s upstream+) and when I say depends, meaning, peak hours or not, of course sometime between 12am-8am or even later, in the morning, it will probably be better then 4pm the afternoon.