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Planet C&C has confirmed that the June issue of PC Gamer with the promised big scoop on an old franchise is indeed Command & Conquer 3. The Dutch magazine PC Gameplay also has a cover story on this big breaking news in the C&C world.

Obviously we cannot post scans of the magazines, however the Planet C&C forum post regarding this news story does contain the cover shot and possibly one or two scans of the story itself. I have no other information to pass on to you, other than wild rumor and speculation so far. One rumor is the game takes place in the Tiberium universe, and will have a dark atmosphere unlike the previous Red Alert 2. That’s about it right now. Once EA hands down its official press release and lets loose more information including screenshots you can be sure I’ll post it for all of you to gawk at.

Source: Planet C&C
Source: Planet C&C Topic Discussion
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