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I saw Clerks 2 earlier tonight and wow, what a great movie! Nice job Kevin Smith. I really thought it was a great sequel. Especially a sequel that comes 12 years later! Whenever do we get to see good sequels today? Most of the time they ruin the movie but not this one (though I did not expect Clerks 2 to be a bad sequel, don’t think that)! It had an awesome ending too that. If you have never seen Clerks, do not see this movie until you do, you’ll love it more, I think.

Other than that, I saw Superman Returns over a week ago in IMAX Theaters, the movie was great but my first IMAX experience sucked. I recommend those wanting to see Superman Returns in IMAX (3D) to stay away from seeing it since there are only 4 scenes where you put on your goggles and those scenes are around 2 minutes long, what a disappointment for a 2h34min movie.

Also saw You, Me and Dupree and Little Man. I thought You, Me and Dupree was hilarious, I recommend seeing it. Owen Wilson is great and the same goes for Kate Hudson. I dislike Matt Dillon though but he was alright and perfect for the part I think. I really expected Vince Vaughn or Will Ferrell appear for a minute in this movie. Though I thought Little Man was hilarious too (it can’t be how funny You, Me and Dupree is but it is still funny) I would not recommend seeing it unless you are really interested in watching it or something or just wait until it comes out on DVD.