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So the black Xbox that we have been hearing about for awhile is finally real, Xbox 360 Elite.

What’s new? It’s black, has HDMI port and a 120GB HD.

Is it worth it? If you currently have an Xbox 360 Console, I say no. If not, why not except you will be paying $79.99 more as the price is $479.99, not $399.99. The reason why I say no if you currently have one is because there is nothing great about the new “Elite” console. Wow, it has HDMI, most HDTV’s will not show much a difference between HDMI and Component. Then there is the 120GB HD, you can buy it separately for a whopping $179.99. Yes, $179.99 not including the tax you will have to pay. This is so overpriced and ridiculous, Microsoft needs to rethink this price and they could by getting rid of the overpriced 20GB HD as well.

“Put simply, I feel that $180 is too much money to charge for a 120GB drive; this is especially true when I remember that I’m paying for nearly all the content that I will store on that drive in addition to the $50 a year I’m paying to play games on Live. They should have removed the 20GB drive from the market and released this new one at the existing pricepoint. Hell, it should be free after the purchase of your 20th Live Arcade game.” — Taken from this 1up story.

I completely agree what he has said. I do not understand why Microsoft would call this console “Elite” considering there is no built-in HD-DVD drive. Blu-Ray is winning the HD-DVD vs Blu-Ray format war in my opinion, if the console would already come built-in rather than as a $199 add-on I think it would help Microsoft gain some more ground in the format war. Another thing, no built-in WiFi, this is just more of a convince to people, I wouldn’t use it myself as I use Ethernet but there are people using it they could save money rather than having to buy the $99 wireless adapter.