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Is it just me or does anyone else agree that the iPhone plans suck?

Take a look at the plans here:

Let’s start with the Individual Plans, the prices are actually not bad for what you get except for the SMS text messages, whoever thought about giving only 200 SMS text messages per a plan is a moron, I can totally understand if Plan 1 was 200, then Plan 2 was 300 and Plan 3 was 400 and then as they already stated, each plan can have more text messages be added but 200 across the bored? That’s ridiculous. What genious over at AT&T thought about the minutes per plan too? Why not make Plan 1 400 or 500 minutes instead of 450 or Plan 3 1300 or 1400 minutes instead of 1350? Sigh.

Oh and I just noticed Plan 1 has 5000 Night & Weekend minutes, they should just give you Unlimited too since basically everything else would then be the same except for more regular minutes.

Moving on to the Family Plans. Why must we have prices such as $80.00, $100.00 and $120.00? Why not $79.99, $99.99 and $119.99? For one, they look cheaper and two, now I have to pay 1 penny more? I’m glad that switching to get an iPhone would actually make me go bankrupt because I really do want one but I’m with T-Mobile, I love T-Mobile and I have a family plan already that I would have to go through all the trouble switching all 3 phones, paying a shit load of more money, especially the first month and be on AT&T’s network, which I don’t want to be on.

At least the Family Plans have minutes that look good, nothing like 750 minutes for Plan 1 and such. But 200 SMS text messages for FAMILY?! When you will have at least 2 phones, most likely more. That’s retarded and that’s NOT per phone, people text a lot these days so you will be paying more to get more text messages added.

I know in the end, the plans are not so bad because you do not have to pay for Data (Email/Web) or Visual Voicemail.

End rant.