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I take back on what I said about the update (originally thought it was bad ass), have learned half the stuff I thought I read about what would be released in new update was not true at all/not there.


Guide is much faster. x2! Should of been like this ages ago but it still needs a little work


No Group Chat – seriously? Why has this STILL not been added after 2 YEARS.
No Clan Support – same goes with above. Still nothing, why?
No Friends List Grouping – Wish they’d add this so I can group those on my friends list per game, clan, real life friends, etc etc.
No Friends Comments – Goes with above, basically the same.
Profile – not as great as I thought it’d be. Not that I care for the feature but nothing to get excited over either. Go use Facebook.
Friends of Friends – just useless, will be used for the first week and die afterwards. Probably already have those friends on my friends list.

It seems all their updates focus on the Dashboard Blades and Marketplace. I know I am not alone when I say this but I rarely use any of those feature yet alone purchase any content (waste of money). Yes, sometimes I’ll download a arcade game, demo or video game trailer but that’s very rare and really it. I use the Xbox 360 to play video games among almost everyone else I know.

This is just a short list so far, I know there are other features that were added but I have yet to use them such as video content and using XviD/DivX. Xbox Original Titles seem like a waste of time and money. I’ve played some of those games before and probably those that will be added in the future. New games today are better, I believe they cost $15 (over priced I think) and unless you have a big HDD, you are limited to those you purchase/have to delete or upgrade HDD.