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March 8th, 2009 marks the date that every Circuit City will officially be closed. I guess it is not just Circuit City that makes me have chills when hearing this or rather saying but among other companies that have already gone under that will be missed, that are going to be gone as well or headed there.

I will miss Circuit City, I know I a few bad experiences with them in the few end years. But I do have some fond memories there as well such as when I camped out on launch date for Xbox 360. What an awesome night that was and for the people I met. Camping out is always fun, not there are becoming very few places to camp out.

Circuit City really messed up many years ago and just continued to more. They should of never got rid of appliances, fired top smart employees and so forth. Now given, who knows what state they would be at if all this never happened, their mistakes, maybe they still would be going under. But it will be missed still. Very soon for how many businesses are going under in these scary times, we seem to be headed in the direction of Wall-E’s “Buy More” or also known today as Wal-Mart which they have already been doing almost 20 years though but you can really see it more than ever now.