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Here are essential Chrome Extensions that I believe most types of users should have installed, rather it be to enhance their experience or for security/privacy/etc reasons.

  • uBlock Origin – This has a lighter memory footprint than that of Adblock or Adblock Plus (my former love). It’s honestly what you should be using, much much better in other ways too. Make sure you are using uBlock Origin and not the other one. This is the original version and the one you want to be using.
  • Tampermonkey
      Anti-Adblock Killer
      WBB Links Checker
      Yahoo Fantasy Football Stat Delinker – See how many points a team gives up.
      View more scripts at
  • Disconnect – This extension lets you visualize and block the otherwise invisible websites that track your search and browsing history. You can choose which requests to block or whitelist and so forth. This along with uBlock Origin are crucial.
  • ZenMate Security, Privacy & Unblock VPN – Free and Quick VPN. If you need to change your IP quickly in your Browser, this is the extension to use right now. Especially if you are a Hola VPN user–get away from it now rather you decide to use this extension or not. You can Google Search on why for more information on that.
  • Checker Plus for Gmail – The best Gmail notifier extension. You can even check, reply/send messages, mark read/archive/etc right from the dropdown menu without opening a tab. Supports multiple accounts too.
  • Google Cast – If you have Chromecast, this is highly recommended. However if not, this would likely be useless to you unless if you were somewhere that had these available to you. I use the Beta version of the extension. I’ve never run into issues running the beta version.
  • 1Password – I find 1Password to be one of the best password managers out there. I know a lot of people love LastPass but don’t overlook how great 1Password can be. Especially beautiful and updated apps on all devices (Windows, OS X, Android and iOS).
  • Reddit Enhancement Suite (RES) – If you are an active Redditor, you likely already have this installed. But if you happen to be one of the lucky few that doesn’t, then I’d recommend this to enhance your Reddit experience. Lots of features in this.
  • Reddit Notifier – If you’re a Reddit user and like to know when you get a private message or someone replies to a comment of yours, then this extension is what you want.
  • Pushbullet – Send links to your phone. Send text messages through your phone. You’ll need this app installed on your phone as well. (Alternatives would be Chrome to Phone or Pushover–which I also use)
  • Honey – Search for coupon codes during the checkout process.
  • Hover Hound – Enhance your Newegg shopping experience and compare prices with competitors. Really nice and comes in handy, saves time.
  • OneTab – If you are one to always have tons of tabs open at once. This could be a perfect extension for you. I don’t personally use this anymore but it’s still a good one to recommend.
  • Stylish – This may or may not be for you. But you can change the styles of websites you visit and more with this script. There are some available here but often you will have to customize this yourself. So if you want that favorite forum of yours to be a smaller width or different colors, you can do this yourself now on your end even if you are just a regular member.
  • HTTPS Everywhere
  • WebRTC Network Limiter Made by Google. Disables the WebRTC multiple-routes option in Chrome’s privacy settings. NOTE: If you use uBlock Origin (as you should), you don’t need this as this feature is now included in it.
  • Videostream for Google Chromecast – If you don’t have something like Plex setup (highly recommend!) and have/use a Chromecast, then I’d recommend this extension to send videos to it.
  • Hangouts – If you actively use Hangouts rather on the phone or web, this is a good one.