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Bethesda’s new DLC for Fallout 3, The Pitt, will be released on March 24th, 2009 at a Microsoft Points price of 800 just like its previous release of Anchorage at that same price.

The Pitt takes place in Pittsburgh, this is the second of three DLC announced for Fallout 3, the next one should be arriving sometime next month. Check out more information on The Pitt at the source link.


March 8th, 2009 marks the date that every Circuit City will officially be closed. I guess it is not just Circuit City that makes me have chills when hearing this or rather saying but among other companies that have already gone under that will be missed, that are going to be gone as well or headed there.

I will miss Circuit City, I know I a few bad experiences with them in the few end years. But I do have some fond memories there as well such as when I camped out on launch date for Xbox 360. What an awesome night that was and for the people I met. Camping out is always fun, not there are becoming very few places to camp out.

Circuit City really messed up many years ago and just continued to more. They should of never got rid of appliances, fired top smart employees and so forth. Now given, who knows what state they would be at if all this never happened, their mistakes, maybe they still would be going under. But it will be missed still. Very soon for how many businesses are going under in these scary times, we seem to be headed in the direction of Wall-E’s “Buy More” or also known today as Wal-Mart which they have already been doing almost 20 years though but you can really see it more than ever now.

Finished the new DLC a few days ago (Operation: Anchorage). It may not be the best DLC but I was not much disappointed with it either. I love Fallout 3 and already have known they plan to come out with another 2 more that will further more add to the many hours I have already put in Fallout 3 already.

For anyone wondering, Anchorage is played in a simulation pod thing (forget real name). So all your weapons and armor do not get taken with you. But need not worry as I still had a lot of fun playing through what given to me along the way of playing Anchorage. It was good.

The same goes as they did with Oblivion so I can not say I was disappointed at all with the few hours it adds to your game. In the end you get a few new nice weapons to your arsenal among a very nice piece of armor that looks cool. Plus 100 more Gamerscore for this DLC. I am looking forward to the next 2 DLC’s coming out by Bethesda.

This episode will go in my top 10 episodes of all time! Not only that but the Jim and Pam moment towards the end of the episode all tops my few amazing Jim and Pam moments of all time. It was quite interesting and cool to find out that Jim and Pam do “illegal activities” haha. That was so funny to find out. Lmao.

There were so many great quotes in this episode too. If you are not watching The Office, you are missing out big time, I will tell you that for sure. If you are a fan, thank you because I am sure you rock! :) Not to say those that do not, do not rock, just that, go watch it now!

Some quotes:
Pam: “If it were an iPod it would be a shuffle.”
Creed: “What’s a text?”

This year may not be the a good nor the best Super Bowl but I expect it to at least be a good game. I am sure we will see the Steelers come out and win but you never know, the Cardinals should put up a good fight and never know what can happen till the game is over. I would like to see the Steelers win but that does not mean I would not like to see the Cardinals win either.

It is not a big deal since I would of rather have seen other teams in the Super Bowl especially the Chicago Bears. Good luck to both teams, like I said, it should be a great game minus the ads we will probably be disappointed with (cough money4gold, you got to be kidding me..).

Last night I saw Paul Blart: Mall Cop with my sister and younger brother. Go see this movie!

It is absolutely hilarious. Now given I already think Kevin James is awesome and hilarious and would watch him anyways, I still think it is absolutely funny to see and well worth the money spent.

Especially since now a days you could easily see all the funny parts in the trailer, they ruin it but not in this case at all. Also the fact that movies you see now a days are not as funny as you would hope, that does not apply here either.

This coming January, 2009, will be the last MacWorld Expo Event that Apple throws. Not only that, Steve Jobs will not even be there to attend the show and give us not only the last MacWorld Event, but the last time we see what is going to be coming out that day, next day or coming months.

First off, I understand that Apple is getting much bigger than they were years ago. They have many, many new stores now with more stores to open up. Also the fact that their website is much better and to buy from. So they no longer really need to get out to the world on what is new or going to be coming out and when. Especially with how many blogs there are today and newspapers that report on new Apple products and such.

Now, that being said. I am still sad to hear this is the last MacWorld. I have always enjoyed not only watching it when they come out (I have not watched them all..) but I have always been there to watch live blogger posting pictures and text of what Apple is announcing at the time for them being there. I do not think it would be such a big deal though for them to cancel it, if Steve Jobs would actually be attending the last one. You would only think he would do that for the Apple Fan Base. But I guess not.