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Just days after word arrived that Steven Spielberg’s tentative next film, Robopocalypse, has been delayed indefinitely, comes word that should more than balance out the disappointment felt by fans: Jurassic Park IV is officially on the way with a release date of June 13, 2014!

Details on the project are currently few, but Jurassic Park IV will be produced by Spielberg with a director yet-to-be-named. It is also being planned for a 3D release.

“It’s really hard to keep these things going when there’s an expectation and a desire by the public and the audience to keep certain franchises going,” fellow producer Kathleen Kennedy told last fall.

“As filmmakers, we often sit there going, ‘Okay. We have to answer the question, ‘Why do another one?” If you can’t answer that question, you shouldn’t be doing it. It’s tough. We’re trying to come up with a story that makes sense and isn’t going to disappoint people and is, hopefully, going to get people excited and reinvigorate the franchise.”

Currently unconfirmed, it is believed that the most recent draft of the sequel was scripted by Rick Jaffa and Amanda Silver.

The original 1993 Jurassic Park will see a 3D re-release on April 5 of this year, also hitting IMAX 3D theaters.

Legendary Pictures teased everyone at Comic-Con of the upcoming Godzilla Reboot scheduled for release in 2014! I am absolutely excited to hear about this. I cannot wait till we see an actual trailer of this movie later on and who will be casted.

However I really would much have preferred Godzilla 2 instead. If no one remembers the ending credits of Godzilla with Matthew Broderick, Jean Reno and Maria Pitillo their was still 1 baby Godzilla that hatched even after the bombers blew up Madison Square Garden.

According to those who saw the teaser at Comic-Con, it made the 1998 version look like a walk in the park.

“There’s nothing ‘sci-fi’ about this movie,” director Gareth Edwards told the crowd. “It’s all very realistic, down to Earth.” The trailer was not without Godzilla’s classic roar. The Hall H crowd roared themselves, in approval, which Edwards said almost made him cry.`