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This root method should work with similar RCA tablets and other alike tablets that were released over Black Friday 2014.

The main method to root is with a tool called Kingo Root, available to download from Here is a mirror for this file is ever necessary: android_root.exe

  • Step 1: Download and Install Kingo Root
  • Step 2: Turn on USB Debugging on your RCA or like tablet.
    • In order to do this you need to turn on Developer Options by going into the Settings Menu and going down to “About phone”. After that, scroll down until you find “Build number” and tap this seven times in a row until you get a dialog telling you that Developer Options have been turned on.
  • Step 3: Plug in your RCA or like tablet via USB into your computer.
    • You might need to install the USB drivers at this point for your device to be recognized. It should auto install after plugging in your RCA or like tablet.
  • Step 4: Open Kingo Root and follow the instructions to root the device.
  • Step 5: Profit! You are now rooted. If you’re not sure what to do with root or what you can, you can start by improving your battery life by installing Xposed Framework with Amplify and Greenify.

Earlier today I moved over from JesusFreke’s Mod to CyanogenMod. Now there is nothing wrong with JesusFreke’s but I am loving Cyanogen’s a lot more. Lot of changes and additions have been done to this mod over JesusFreke’s. It is much easier to install yet alone gain root too.
But anyways, on with my post. I wanted to remove Work Email as he nicely brought this package from the MyTouch 3G into the package so you can have it on your G1. Now others like myself will probably never even use Microsoft Exchange and it weighs in at around 2MB so removing it is best if not used. Unless you have moved to sd storage as I have since August 24th but still decided to remove this and others (PDFViewer.apk and QuickOffice).
While trying to remove on my own and maybe yourself to? you might run into a “read-only system” error. To be able to get rid of this type the following in Terminal Emulator.

mount -o remount,rw /system
rm /system/app/Mail.apk

Then you are done, nothing else is necessary. If you would like to remove other apps that you are unable to uninstall just replace Mail.apk with the package name. Use the “ls” command without quotes while in “cd /system/app” (without quotes again) to see the list of apps.
Disclaimer: I take NO responsibility if you mess up your phone while in Terminal and running these commands or others. Be careful and remove apps the proper way when you can.

So yesterday I finally decided to root my Android G1. Basically so I could tether its internet to my laptop as where am I at, the WiFi signal is so low and bad. Well I decided to use “Move Cache” from the Market place which allows you to also move your cache for apps such as Browser, Market, Maps, Street View, GMail and Steel cache to your SD card instead of using Internal Memory.

Well I decided just to try it out and use it only for the Browser, Market, Maps and Street View. Well things only went downhill from there, force closed so much in each of those maps or it would be utter slowness like in the Browser. So storing cache back to Internal Memory was never really a problem, just wanted to try it since I do have an 8GB SD card that only uses 1GB. So I selected the options from Move Cache to move it back to Internal Memory, rebooted and removed Move Cache.

Well everything seemed to work until I went to the Market and then later Street View. The Market would prompt you with the following message: “A Server error has occurred. Retry, or cancel and return to the previous screen.” So if you want to go back to storing your cache in your Internal Memory than do the following in Terminal Emulator (or any other similar app out there). Especially if you went through a process similar to what I did to remove.

Make sure you are the root user. Run the following command if you have any problems: This obviously will only work if you have rooted your phone such as with JesusFreke’s builds.

su (press enter)
id (press enter)
*It should ask you to allow access, allow it.*

Market Cache to Internal Memory

cd /data/data/
rm -R cache
mrdir cache

Street View Cache to Internal Memory

cd /data/data/
rm -R cache
mkdir cache