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Microsoft Xbox is really starting to fail at the moment. Why? Because of their Xbox 360 Hard Drive Migration Kit’s. You can NOT find these in-stores. You can only order them for approximately $14 through them by calling them. I would really, really like to know why is this? and what genius thought of this. Because he or she is not only a fucking moron but should be fired. Maybe I am sounding a bit harsh but not really, read on.

Here is my problem: Xbox 360 dropped their prices this past Friday. On Saturday my launch system console received the E74 error message. Coincidence? I would think not. My Xbox 360 is obviously out of warranty since it’s a launch system console, almost 4 years old in just about 2 1/2 months. I do not want to just give away my launch system for $99 only to get a refurbished one so instead I decided to order the Xbox 360 Elite Fall 2009 edition from Amazon.

Here is where my problem gets worse, I want to transfer my 20GB HD over to my new 120GB when I get it tomorrow. I would love to start using the 120GB HD right away. It is almost for sure I will not be able to tomorrow and I will have to wait at least a week. No store sells the Xbox 360 Hard Drive Migration Kit. How ridiculous is that? I am so, so surprised no one on eBay is selling them either because 99% of people should not need them after they have used it. Yes, you can find third-party ones from Hong Kong on there. But the disc to transfer probably will come in PAL format, be unreadable and I am not waiting weeks for it to get here from Hong Kong. So that is not an option, the only legit one I found is from Canada and that will still take too long to get here.

So to end this, Microsoft Xbox, you should really think about putting the Hard Drive Migration Kit’s in-stores. Why you don’t all these years is beyond me. Especially since you sell them WITH separate 120GB hard drives in which my case, that would be a huge waste of money since I have a 120GB HD coming with the console. Also the fact that I have seen that it does have its own packaging so why even bother making packages for it if you still have not put them in-stores? You may as well just not do that to make it look pretty and throw them in a box when you ship them to someone.

Did you know that Xbox Live has never given its Gold Subscribers nothing over Silver members? Well finally that day has come and even later than it was suppose too. Back when the NXE update came out in November 2008, a new feature was to come to Xbox Live called 1 vs 100. Now finally, it is coming this Spring.

Do not count on them giving you more though now over Silver members. While Xbox Live is not too expensive and other consoles do offer it for free, Xbox Live is still the best experience. But when you really think about Xbox Live and nit pick at it, it really sucks sometimes minus being able to play online with friends of the features that Silver members do get still, even if they have to wait a day to get some of them (like demos).

For you Fallout 3 fans out there, get ready for May 5th as the third final part of the announced DLC content comes out, Broken Steel. This is a much larger DLC than from the past 2 DLC releases. This not only fixes the main story line allowing you to continue from the ending rather than not but it also gives you a level cap increase from 20 to 30. Yet alone, many more hours of Fallout fun, more main quests and side quests along with a bunch of new perks to choose from when leveling up with to 30. Enemies will be much harder to defeat too with this.

Source: Joystiq

Bethesda’s new DLC for Fallout 3, The Pitt, will be released on March 24th, 2009 at a Microsoft Points price of 800 just like its previous release of Anchorage at that same price.

The Pitt takes place in Pittsburgh, this is the second of three DLC announced for Fallout 3, the next one should be arriving sometime next month. Check out more information on The Pitt at the source link.


I decided to pick up Halo Wars, especially since it is an RTS and I like a new RTS from time to time. I am not a huge Halo fan but here it can easily be ignored. If you do not know if it has a story to it or not, it does when playing campaign mode and so far it seems to be great as well as they did a great job with the videos. From what I understand it takes 20 years before Master Chief.

After putting about 5 hours into it already and nearly done with ACT 2. I decided to take a break and write a review on it. This is a cut down RTS in my opinion compared to the Command and Conquer series on Xbox 360 and Civilization Revolution on Xbox 360. But if this scares you, it should not, there is little worrying to do here unlike in both of those games (I know there are a few more RTS on 360 but I have yet to play them) where you have a lot to do, control, build, defend, etc.

There is a lot here not only in Single Player but in Multiplayer as well, so if you are worried about putting this game away on the shelf after becoming bored of it, you should not worry unless you are that type of person then maybe you will just want to rent it. Online will give you many more hours to play out of this once you are finished with playing Campaign. You obviously can play Campaign further more on the harder difficulties like Legendary.

You also have Skirmish mode as well, very popular in RTS’s so nothing new there, I have yet to try that mode though, still playing through the Campaign. As long as people buy and continue to play online, online should be fun for those people that are into it. I doubt I will venture off into it yet alone play it a lot, I have many other games to play before this online anyways.

The menus and online (matchmaking) is just like Halo 3, so those that are coming from the Halo series to this, especially to try out this RTS because remember, Halo 3 is a FPS and this is an RTS. Totally different games if you did not know this yet.

Controls are and work great. I have no problems with them as I know many people always are fearful about how the controls for an RTS are on a console. They are much better and not as many either compared to the Command and Conquer series and others. You have your simple controls here like LB to select all units anywhere on the map and RB to select only units shown on screen. You press A or hold A to select a number of units, I am not too happy with when you hold A to select units as it creates a large circle after holding it more than about 2 seconds. Press B to not select anything, move your units with X and Y to use the units special ability.

There are not many problems I have come across except that sometimes your units block your path, I have had this happen a lot especially when you set down Cobras and clearly other units would be able to get past but they do not. They sometimes eventually find an alternative (takes a while) if there even is one. There is not much else I have run into that bugs me.

I love when you are given Spartans to control, they are awesome to have especially when you have a large group of them. They can not, they will go down as will Forge but as long as you have other units to go by him when his health is halfway again then you will never fail a mission unless you are trying to protect or accomplish something or whatever else going on.

To end this now, I am really enjoying the game. I think if you are new to RTS games and really want to try one out, this is definitely the game for you. I give it 4/5 stars.

Before a lot of games were already overpriced at 800 MS points. Now it seems that rate is jumping to 1200 MS points. I just checked out a game called Death Tank, just a game to play for a little bit, different and some fun. Yes, I could play the trial but why bother? I am limited with no achievements and pretty much, fuck that.

But there is no way in hell I am paying 1200 MS points for a fucking arcade game. Are you nuts? I do not get it. I have not looked into who makes the pricing for these games, if it is part Developer, All Developer, part Microsoft, all Microsoft, I have no idea but why? You literally would see an increase of money yet alone people purchasing the game if you priced this game at either 200 or 400 MS points (at most).

A lot of these arcade games are not worth more than 400 MS points. There are many reasons to this, a lot of these games are just flash games you can play online for free. Now obviously there are many reasons as to why some do not want to do this and what not, to each there own. I am not saying they need or should be free on Xbox Live either but lower the pricing and you will still make money. Do not be greedy because that is what you are being right now.

I would of bought Death Tank for 200 or 400 MS points. But sadly you priced it at 1200 MS points so you will not be getting a sale from me. Even if it were 800, sadly, not, even though you have made it multiplayer, I can not justify the purchase myself. This sadly goes to other unnamed arcade games out there that are overpriced. I do not buy many arcade games not just for this reason but just because I have many regular Xbox 360 games to play already. But every now and then, it would be nice to play an arcade game and/or with friends.

Okay, so I know the game has been out since September ’08. I just decided to purchase this game (used) for $11.03 (Thanks to GameFly). So as any other game, I looked up the achievements and wow, how ridiculous some of them are. Here are 4 of the ridiculous achievements I have already seen.

I will do them, sadly, as they take only seconds to do each day but still, why? These developers or whoever is in control of these achievements need to be fired and never work in the gaming industry again. You are really not achieving anything here..

Remember September ’44
50 GS – While connected to Xbox LIVE, play the game on September 17th.
Play it on September 17th. Just boot the game up and make sure you are connected to live.

100 GS – While connected to Xbox LIVE, play the game for once a day for 100 days
See Focused

50 GS – While connected to Xbox LIVE, play the game once a week for three months
Switching time zones does not work for this one so looks like you get to keep for a little while if you want this one.

25 GS – While connected to Xbox LIVE, play the game once a day for 7 days
Use the link under the Kilroy was here achievement then scroll to the bottom of the page you should see a guide for this were you change time zones.

I know there are many, many more games that have done such achievements that are ridiculous. I will take you back to one or even one you may not know of, NBA LIVE 07. The achievement is worth 100 Gamerscore with the name of Online with 1,000 people. What do you have to do? Well if you can not guess from the title, here is the description: Be online when there are 1,000 people online at the same time.

Yes, I do have this achievement thanks to the folks over at Xbox360Achievements that organized an event to have such many people online on a certain date which was 2/25/2007. Almost 2 years ago now. Achievement’s like this are ridiculous and need to be stopped, will they though? I highly doubt it.

I finished the new DLC for GTA IV, The Lost and Damned late last night. I must say I am impressed and not much upset with the 1600 MS point price tag. The storyline was not at all in my opinion.

I am not sure if they changed anything with the handling of the bikes from GTA IV to the new DLC but I absolutely had no problem riding the bikes and thought they handled better than the first if the holds to even be true. I fell off my bike maybe a few times and it took me about 5 hours to finish the DLC. Most DLC takes me about half the time they say it usually takes so if you are looking to get more than 5 hours, you will probably will get around up to 10. I do not run through the game at all either.

The new weapons are awesome! I love the automatic 9MM and automatic shotgun. I really do not care for bikes in most games but the few I rode in the game other than the main one you are given majority of the time, were nice too. They added like 30 bikes give or take some without checking.

They updated the radio stations with 39 new songs among more side content and games. I have not yet tried any of the games but I have heard some of them are fun to play.

Now before purchasing it you should know it is an entire new game, you are no longer Niko. Which is totally fine, there are a few missions that fall in between the original GTA IV storyline with Niko. I thought that was pretty cool.

In the end, I recommend purchasing The Lost and Damned. Read other reviews if necessary as they will go further into detail and among exactly everything added in detail. I am not disappointed with it but I do hope in the next GTA as a whole and not DLC they make things better such as where Saint’s Row 1 and 2 have been picking up in.

I was not expecting much when I popped this game in but wow, I was amazed at what I got. It is just a rental but wow, I would definitely of bought this game had I known how great it was.

This is the 007 game that, if you are a fan, you have missed since Goldeneye 007 on N64. Not only is the single player great but multiplayer as well. The single player campaign is not very long nor very difficult on 007 difficulty but it does provide a small challenge but not like say Call of Duty games on Veteran and such.

They have a cover system in the game which works very well though sometimes, more so online, there are hiccups. The game would not be as great without such a cover system especially for how difficult it would be on 007 difficulty or even just to stay stealthy and when or when not to move around a corner or whichever the case may be.

Multiplayer is a whole other different story. I was so surprised to see many, many people actually playing this game online. Not just during the day but at night as well. At night though most people playing are from other countries and not just the UK and connection is shit too but still it is nice to see a game that many people are playing online 3 months still after release.

The multiplayer graphics are not the best but this can easily be ignored to just play and have fun. There are many game modes to play for which you gain points from on each to be able to purchase weapons, gadgets and so forth for your player.

Overall, I would most definitely recommend picking up this game. I would rate it a 7.5/10. The movie itself may of sucked in my opinion but it is a nice FPS for the most part to play if you are looking for a game to play. The multiplayer is definitely worth checking out and will add more hours to the game as well. Especially since people are still playing it as I said with it being out now for 3 months.