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This game is incredible and anyone with either Xbox/Xbox 360/PC (soon) should get it. I plan on getting it for PC when it comes out as I expect it to be great on there, it should be known it is a different type of game for the PC, which is cool and another experience to experience. Not sure if I’ll play online though as I am addicted to 360 GRAW and would rather play online there though might enjoy it more online because on 360 you can not change the sensitivity of the joystick which is fine sometimes but a lot of times not.

I have already since beat the game on normal and going to go through it again on hard. It is a short game, took me around 8 hours, probably could of finished it sooner but I took my time to get a good experience out of the game and did some sight seeing.

First week of school was alright, I really do not like one of my classes which is Database Essentials for Decision Making. I just find the assignments so far utterly useless.