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So yesterday I woke up and still felt completely sick, sore throat, headache, the works. Decided to finally call of work though I did not want to and was trying to take crap to where I can at least pull through, no luck. So I called off and then all of a sudden minutes later my project lamp blows. Fantastic…. so I bought another one for $300, probably one of the only cons to getting and owning a projector and then to find out it was back ordered, so cancelled the order and ordered through somewhere else, was cheaper, saved on paying tax and cheaper overnight shipping so I should get it here friday since it wasn’t ordered in time to get sent out yesterday.

Went to sleep for hours… woke up and had known stop soup and such, sore throat medicine, blah blah. Did some school work then ended up getting really bored so I hooked up 360 to my tv again and wow, how horrible it is to play games on a tv again. My eyes kill after playing for a few hours on it, can’t wait till I get the lamp back.