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This must be the greatest skating game I have yet to play (Xbox 360). It’s 10x better than any Tony Hawk game I have ever played plus it’s more realistic when it comes down to doing tricks. I will agree it takes a little time to learn a few things and not easy at first such as doing manual tricks or getting down the trick you want to try every time but it’s what makes the game great and different. Especially combining tricks with manuals will be frustrating at first.

Saving replays and photos is easy and you can upload them both to the Skate.reel Community (though I’ve read elsewhere and agree you should be able to save more videos and photos seeing how most of us have a lot of hard drive space on the X360 and to be able to upload more to Skate.reel).

You can view my EA Skate Community Profile here: – find my videos/photos there as well.

I have since completed the game and I do recommend it, especially if have enjoyed the Tony Hawk series, since this game is better than them in mainly ways. There are some improvements needed to skate. though and features such as being able to get off your board and walk/run because it will get annoying having to ollie onto other platforms such as getting off the street onto a curb or finding another way to get up the stairway and so on.