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Well I finally completed Oblivion (as in all 50 achievements) earlier today. Of course, I am still going to continue playing the game, it’s that addicting and good. I waited to complete the Main Quest (left off at Spies) till the end when I finally had finished every other achievement quest (dark brotherhood, mages guild, etc).

I finally received my ebgames order, it only took them forever to ship it (since last Wed) and thank god I had it shipped it overnight or I wouldn’t see it probably for another week. Also received my books for my school classes today, thankgod, since I needed them this week after starting my new classes.

Monday nights Prison Break episode was very good, as always. Same goes with 24’s new episode. Both episodes next week look even more insane. When I heard they would be breaking on Monday’s episode, I could not believe we would see it this season (heard this a few weeks ago) and wow, so cool.

The Lakers lost last night to the Suns. Bell was thrown out aftering taking down Kobe (clotheslined him) then not long after Kobe was thrown out of the game for what he said to a ref after a call should of been made because of one of his teammates were fouled. They lost 114 to 97. They better win their next game at home or else they go to game 7 away at Phoenix.