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Well my first week of my new classes for school are now over with. It went well. This week I have to write a rough draft of an essay among a bunch of other school work too.

The Lakers also lost Game 7 this past weekend, most terrible game ever, I was at work so I am thankful to not have seen how terrible they played. They ended up losing 121 to 90. They should of ended it all at Game 5.

Saw Mission Impossible 3 this past weekend. Wow.. is all I can say. I honestly did not think it would be so good. It was very good, action packed, not terrible at all like I thought it would be. Also from reading forums and reviews around the internet, no one else thought it was bad either. Tom Cruise played well too, even though I dislike mostly everything he has done or said the past year or so, he is still a good actor in my eyes and I will always love his 80’s/early 90’s movies.