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Today I FINALLY received my free MacBook which originally was suppose to be an iBook though I am glad I given the MacBook. :)

It was free from Incentive Reward Center, LLC. I originally signed up trying to get in on the 6 offers but was too late and figured I would go ahead and do 15 offers, hoping that as I go along new and easy ofers would come along, that wasn’t that case but I continued anyways to just get the Apple laptop and not be out any money (that being, if I would receive the laptop, others had but months ago)

But anyways, I had been waiting this entire month (July) for it since I had sent in my redemption form and finally, today, August 1st 2006, even after being told July 24th that my iBook was on backorder and to get an email today that my item was shipped and actually receive it today (since it was shipped July 28th-they notified me of it being shipped late) I finally have received it.

All along I was hoping for it to be an Apple MacBook since iBooks are now “gone” in a sense (though you can still purchase from places like Amazon, eBay, so forth). I looked at the UPS Tracking and it weight 12lbs, so I checked Amazon, they said the iBook weighs 13lbs and then I check the MacBook, it weighs 9.2lbs, making me think even more that it is actually a MacBook!

I would now actually have to wait and find out if I was right or not, hoping for a MacBook all along. A little after 2PM CST (I read the email around 12:30PM CST) the package was here! opened it up, read the side of the box for it to read “MACBOOK” under one of the scan bars. That made my day. :) So what turned out to be originally an free iBook ended up being a free MacBook (even better!).

Specs: (Model #MA254LL/A)
Apple MacBook 13.3″ White, 1.83Ghz Intel Core Duo, 512 MB RAM, 60 GB Hard Drive, DVD-ROM/CD-RW Drive. Then of course what the MacBooks have been coming with, iSight, firewire, usb ports, the rest.