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Here are some stories that I dugg yesterday (Monday) and through out tonight that I found interesting and would like to share. Find the stories I digg here.

Apple: iPods built to last ‘for years,’ not ‘four years’digg story
The Top 50 Movie Endings of All Timedigg story
USA Bill Requires Schools & Libraries BLOCK Social Networking & Chat Sitesdigg story
Bulldozer destroys town, police helpless to do anything but watchdigg story
Major Google Talk Update (File Transfer, Music Status, Voice Mail and more!)digg story
Pay Phones Suffer As Cell Phone Use Risesdigg story
How the DS beat the PSP (and how the Wii will do the same against the PS3)digg story
Kazaa site becomes legal servicedigg story
Google Launches ‘Google Help’digg story
September 11 Charities Get Share of “World Trade Center” Movie Receiptsdigg story
The Swirling Vortex of Doom, Lake Peigneur, Louisiana in 1980digg story
Napster founder commerce enables unprotected MP3s on MySpacedigg story
Halo 3 Last in Series – MS confirms Bungie on new Projectdigg story
Turning Network Free-Riders’ Lives Upside Downdigg story
Professor invents ‘ripeness’ sticker to tell if produce is fresh!digg story
Zelda: The Lost & Found beta tester’s Wind Waker levels – hidden in game!digg story
Ten Days of Hell, and what caused itdigg story