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In light of more Xbox Live users each day and more of these kids getting Rainbow Six: Vegas as well. I have decided just to make a separate page for the bad among the good ranked hosts to avoid or play with. You can reach this page at

Before I go I want to talk about 2 more people, I may even do a Part 4 in the feature if it is a good one to write about.

Kunntilda666, kicks me 10 minutes into the match. He doesn’t even play, he takes the package and idles at the roof while everyone else is killing the team and then just kicks random people if defenders are quiting just to get absolutely no points taken away from him. Stay away from if possible, it doesn’t even matter if you are #1 killer on the team, he kicks anyone, as he did to me (I was on top). Maybe he didn’t wanted to go to school tomorrow feeling he was the best one on the team?

uknow760, kicked for no reason 1 minute into the match, same team. He’s a booster anyways. Would not answer my private chat invites. No one ever seems to after they kick me, too afraid to talk to me I guess. Update: hours later I played with this guy in another server, switched to defense just to play against him. I do not even know where toe begin because he was so terrible and as usual had nothing else to say to me except to tell me I boosted. We did however lose (almost won though) but I ended up in first on my team (not that it matters if you lose) with a 25/10 ratio and he had a ratio of 8/18. He said he kicked me from his server a minute into it because I was the lowest on my team, bullshit because I know I was already #1 on the team with a few kills already.

That ends Part 3, so everyone knows. I do 90% of the time have good matches and no problems, at least for me. I will write those down that kick others on my team for no real reason except me even though I did not get kicked. For example, I had a great few matches with host: xx DirtyNutz xx. I host matches as well so you can look for my gamertag as well.