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Short rant but I went into a ranked match hosted by [YM] [color=blue]xVoidx[/color]. What an experience this was, same with his buddy [YM] [color=blue]Infamous 801[/color], as soon as I entered the room xVoidx was saying I did not earn my rank illegitimately and that I sucked. I just enjoy and love how people love to talk a lot of shit on Xbox Live. I guess at least he did not kick anyone/us to win the match. Alright then because this is my first time playing in with you and your horrible connection. He was a 1st Lieutenant and I’m still at a Lieutenant Colonel (2 ranks ahead of him). I stayed even though we were lagging terribly and that they were “spawn rapping” us. I ended up breaking through their terrible defense because all they were doing is trying to rack up the kills, that’s all xVoidx was doing, he’s not that good he just camps the fast ropes to rack up his kills and having a terrible connection helps that being the host you are not going to lag either.

Anyways, I went through the escalators, into the vault, made it back to the escalators where I dropped it midway. A teammate brought it up and made it to the middle of the elevator hallways, I ended up being able to bring it from there to the middle stairwell in a few minutes as every so feet we’d die but get the package further into a better spot for us to grab and bring it up without dieing. We ended up winning the match, Victory! you loser, with terrible lag and of course, more shit talked to me even though our team had just one and I was still #1 and my kill:death ratio was good with lag and “spawn raping”.

I quote spawn raping because they were not necessary killing us at our spawn (plus there’s like a 8-10 second? invulnerability to those that spawn) but they were as we fast roped down and yes there are other ways to get past them such as taking the longer routes down there (repelling, elevators, elevator stair well, taking them out from above and such as some of the others and I did. Also because I do not know what else to call it, nor do I care and it’s not like they had a good defense anyways, I got down there in one life and brought it up to the escalators in that one life as well.