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There are just some people on Xbox Live that should not be able to ever play online games again because they ruin the game for others. I’m talking about people the kick others from servers because they can not handle losing, getting “owned” by you or any other reason that is just as worse. For example, earlier tonight as usual I am playing Rainbow Six: Vegas online along with some others. Many good matches but there were 3 or 4 that were terrible.

The last one I was kicked out with somewhere around 20-30 seconds left in the match of a 20 minute match in Attack and Defend Calypso Casino. I was on the Attackers side and about to win when I was just kicked by Xbox Live Member [color=blue]Laos 99[/color] whom did not even have the guts to accept a to-be-friendly chat invitation just to ask why he kicked me. He was already an elite rank, so it is not like points matter and the points did not matter to me either, I’m 2nd Colonel, 2 away from Elite but many matches to go anyways. I ended up joining another different game session of his but was kicked but I did find one of his friends, I had a chat with him, [color=blue]blbjr[/color], overall cool guy, accepted my chat and explain to me that I was probably kicked for using grenades as they were restricted. I told him that I did not use them, which I did not. They are restricted for a reason even though people know how to bypass that. Someone else within the first 10 minutes was kicked by doing that already (it was 5 attacks on 7 defenders). I knew why the guy was kicked on my team, I saw that he had killed someone with a grenade right before the message said he was kicked, obvious reason. Not like I intended to bypass to use grenades anyways to win either, we were going to and ended up after I was kicked I think but did not even bother asking anyone that was on my team (did not know any of them).

The match before that there was the host by the Xbox Live name of [color=blue]happy dwarf987[/color] and with his clan name [color=blue][EHI]happy dwarf987[/color]. He kicked my brother for either one or both of these reasons: kept killing him and could not be killed and/or so they would win the match (he was on attackers side). It was already 10 minutes into the match when this happened. We and the others continued to play the match we were still beating them until the last 2 minutes where all 4 of us (it was 4 on 6) were all hit with a grenade, taking us out and losing time while he took the package past the Keno room and up to the roof.

Another guy I remember was [color=blue]T WEEZY 2000[/color], he just kicks people if all of a sudden their ping goes from 3 green to 1 red without saying anything. Uneducated moron is all he is, the guy would of not lagged the match and his connection would of ended up being fine a minute later/next refresh.

So what do you do with these people? Well the first 2 people Avoid and File a Complain to Xbox Live, I think that is the proper and appropriate thing to do, they are abusing the administration rights to their hosted match. For the last guy, just give him an Avoid this Player Review.