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Nothing new since my last blog post (as to why I havn’t blogged). Just the usual, work, gaming and everyday life stuff. Had 22nd birthday last week. Been working on Andriana Santiago’s new site a lot along with her store that will be launched within the next 2 weeks. Just been watchen my tv shows as they have started over the last 2 months each week. Some good news shows as well. Seen some new movies here and there too.

I’m currently watchen:

Prison Break, LOST, The Office, Criminal Minds, NCIS, Standoff, Shark, CSI, CSI: Miami, CSI: NY, Family Guy, Heroes, Jericho, Justice, Kidnapped, Law and Order: SVU, My Name is Earl, Numb3rs, Runaway, Six Degrees, Smith, The Nine, The Unit, Two and a Half Men, Vanished and I think that is about it. Yes, I watch a lot of tv shows but I love them.

I’m waiting for to return in 2007:

24, Stargate SG-1, Stargate Atlantis (hate mid-season breaks), Lucky Louie, The Shield, any of the shows above that will return after their Winter break and I am not sure of any other shows at the moment that are airing in 2007.

I am really liking the new shows this season, which are: Standoff, Shark, Jericho, Smith, Heroes, Justice, Kidnapped, Runaway, Six Degrees and The Nine. I am half and half about Vanished, it kind of bores me at points.

I am waiting for The Office to take off, I understand them not putting Jim and Pam together yet, as it will happen, but I just can’t wait for it too. This week on The Office Jim and Pam will finally talk to each other on the phone! as they have not since that night at the casino.