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It’s been awhile since I last blogged, it’s been good since though.

November was a crazy month. I first camped out for Playstation 3 at a local Target with my brother and his friend. I was #4 in line and my brother/friend was #5 and #6. We started out camp out in the afternoon on Wednesday the 15th throughout Friday morning the 17th. By Thursday we finally found out there would only be 14 Playstation 3’s (4 60GB, 10 20GB). Being the 4th, I was the last one to get the 60GB. Great time it was too.

Then almost 2 days later I camped out for Nintendo Wii. I bought 2 of them, 1 for myself and 1 for my little sister and brother which they would get at Christmas but did not know about at all.

Nintendo Wii, absolutely rocks, since it’s been out for awhile and sold over 3 million copies, I am sure you know it does as well. Wii Sports and Zelda are just absolutely amazing right now. Among other games as well, I love Madden 07 and some others too.

Then a week after PS3/few days after Wii camp out, I camped out with my friend Nicole for Black Friday. Which was Thursday afternoon, the 23rd, throughout Friday morning, the 24th. We were technically #1 and #2 but we waited in our car for an hour with no activity, 2 other cars pulled up about 30 minutes after us and waited in their car as well. Till finally these older women came and through out their chairs and claimed the head of the line, then it was us, not a big deal so in the end we were #4 and #5. We were getting what we wanted anyways. Which was the $379 HP laptop for each of us and the $479.99 Westinghouse 32″ LCD HDTV. The $379 HP laptop was free for me as I still had my free $400 Best Buy gift cards from earlier in the year from FreePay instead of an Xbox 360.

Well what a nut house it was by 5AM when the store opened. Over 500 people were in line, only the first 30 people? give or take a few, were actually getting either the front page items and/or the really good deals that were going on. But it wasn’t as bad you would think it would be with over 500 people in line wanting some of the items you were getting and such or as bad as it was camping out for PS3. The camp out for Wii was absolutely no problems, even received a free t-shirt (everyone in line did). I ended up seeing my best friend in line, he was a only a few people after us. He ended up getting the HP laptop as well, the Westinghouse 19″ Widescreen LCD Monitor and the Westinghouse 32″ LCD HDTV.
The HP laptop and Westinghouse 32″ LCD HDTV has since been both great. I absolutely love the TV. Matter of fact, I replaced my 70″ projector for Xbox 360 gaming with it just because I love it that much and this was only about 2 weeks ago that I changed this. Though I’ll still switch cords and hook it up to my projector for movies though, not that it looks bad on the TV just much bigger on projector and still great picture.

Christmas was great, spent it at my dads and finally was able to give my little sister and brother the Nintendo Wii. They were totally shocked. It was great, they love it even though they have been using mine when I bring it over there, now they have their own.

Now it’s New Year Day, Happy New Year!