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Today at MacWorld 2007, Apple introduced the Apple TV (not an actual TV, a device formerly known as codename iTV) and the Apple iPhone. That was really it at this year’s MacWorld. Both great devices, too bad though you will only be able to get the iPhone, at least for now, with a 2-year contract only with Cingular. I have T-Mobile and prefer them over Cingular. Apple would get so many more sells on their iPhone if they would sell an unbranded phone or opened our options more as to who we can go with. But oh well, things could change between now and June but doubtful.

I am still thinking if I should buy the Apple TV or not, I was for sure getting it until I heard it doesn’t support a lot of formats like DivX. So if it doesn’t play on your iPod without transferring to the iPod format, it won’t play on Apple TV, apparently.

Nothing else except for the latest Apple sales and ads were talked about, meaning no announcements on their macs, displays, leopard and so forth but everything is changing for Apple so I guess we should expect a change at each MacWorld/Keynote.