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Where to start… this game is absolutely terrible in almost every aspect. It’s aiming system is absolutely horrible, ‘sticking’ to objects is not worth it and barely works half the time, the A.I. of both your team and the enemy are terrible, and so many other things are wrong with the game. As you play through, my brother and I are going through co-op at the moment, there will be parts where the game is just stupid and a lot of it comes down to everything I just pointed out and I know I am leaving a few things out but I’ve said some of the main problems already.

The game could of been better, playing it, I think it could of been. If maybe they had testers to fix out the bugs. They could of made their aiming system so much better, one way they could of at least made it tolerable is if they enemies went down quicker. It takes almost a clip from a P90, Assault Rifle or SAW to take an enemy down, if not more. If you run out of ammo, MOST-OF-THE-TIME, not always, your ‘teammates’ will offer you some so you can refill, they should of just made it unlimited because it’s annoying. I remember doing the bank mission, like 3rd/4th level, first thing you do as a team at the beginning of the game, having to pick up other weapons because while he’s working on the safe he can’t give you ammo and sometimes (at other points of the game) they just won’t give you ammo when you need it.

Overall I give this game a 6/10. I just can’t seem myself to give it any higher. It almost has no replay value because you will not want to replay it unless you have to for any achievements missed. I know about it’s multiplayer, I have not tried it but will at least play it a little, it sounds cool and I was told to check it out because it’s a pretty good concept. I also may come back and update this review a little as I play through the game more and finish it. I’m not sure how far I am, it seems I’m near the end but I could be wrong on that.