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I will be first to admit that even though I am not much of a Halo ‘fan’ that I at least still buy and play their games. I may not be close to enjoying its Multiplayer part of the game but I have always somewhat enjoyed playing Single Player/Co-op since not every game released today is Co-op. Almost any co-op game released today, I’ll own if it is really worth it and for Xbox 360 mainly. Halo 3 is a great game, especially since they added not only 2 player co-op but up to 4 player co-op. I was given the chance to local play it, outstanding and smooth. Absolutely had no problems but thankfully for skulls, it made the game a little more challenging or else we would of finished the game in even more less of time (we finished around 6 hours 4 co-op, probably would of took us 4 if no skulls).

Multiplayer, I played and tried to get used to for awhile. It just was not working out. Mainly played because either friends were playing or friends wanted to play. Call of Duty 4 Multiplayer Beta already beats Halo 3 online in my opinion and I am sure once released, it will still beat it. I rate the game at most probably a 9/10. Only because the game feels like Halo 1/2 with a few added things, better graphics (obviously expected if you ever went back to Halo 2) but it’s not about graphics. I enjoyed the voices and each funny line characters had to little wow moments when your playing with your friends or taking down the scarabs together.