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Finally, I am writing a review on one of the greatest games I have ever played. Now given it’s single player might be a little short, I beat it in around 10 8 hours on Veteran first play through (I’m use to COD Veteran Difficulty), it’s still a great game no matter what you say. I’ll start with single player, the graphics are insane, the feel the game gives you as you play through, I enjoyed a lot. What I liked most about the game is the sniper level, given they could of made shooting the sniper at that one point of the level easier and more explainable, it was still so much fun prior to crawl and take out enemies and afterwards when your running to extraction.

Multiplayer is what makes this game so much better, it has to be one of the best multiplayer games I have ever played and their are few of those in my opinion. I am addicted to it sort as I was back in the days when I was addicted to MOH:AA and Call of Duty 1/2 online (Never got into 3 nor enjoyed it). It’s ranking system may be fast but it’s really not that fast after you get in the 30’s and have to reach 55. Rather your good or not unless you cheat and boost which just means you fail at life.

But what’s even better is that there is a ‘Prestige Mode’. What this is once you reach level 55 and fill it’s bar (basically as if you’d fill the bar to reach level 56). You are given the option to enter Prestige Mode and start all over again stating you are an “awesome player” but technically, this is not entirely true as I have played with higher ranks and MOST/99% of them suck so badly. What happens when you entire prestige mode? You look your rank of 55 and start at 1 again, you are given a special badge for each prestige mode you enter (there are 10). You have to rank up to get all your weapons back, you start all over with challenges and being able to create classes. The only thing you basically do get/keep is a new shiny badge and you keep the ability to change your clan tag. There is nothing wrong with this though but I do they should at least unlock all challenges because by the time you unlock the other challenges in the deeper ranks, you’ve completed them prior but don’t get credit for them and you’ll end up going into prestige mode again most likely before you even finish any of them.

Online plays smooth though, it will get even better with the recent updates they have been talking about doing to fix a few some problems such as dropping the game if the host whom 98% of the time you have no idea who is. This update will pick someone else to host it instead. I am not sure but hope in the next update that it will not find you games where they are almost over and of course, you are on the losing team. That or have a minute left, so many scenarios I have been in and sure others that have played the game a lot and understand what I am talking about, have been in too.

I know the game doesn’t have any stat recording like Halo 3 has. This was suppose to be in the game but they pulled it out. They say it will be coming though, I am guessing they should have this for us on their 2nd update though this next update would be awesome to through that in with. I enjoyed that about Halo 3, especially how you can check your stats online (website).

Overall, this game gets a 10/10.