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So saw Cloverfield last night. Not as great as I expected to me, same with the other 7 people I went with. Overhyped big time. It wasn’t necessary a bad movie but it wasn’t good, I am not sure if I would consider it so-so. I was not a fan of the handycam/shakyness of the camera.

I wasn’t happy about there not being more of a story to the monster and everything else that happened such as with the ‘parasites’ like when Marlena exploded or whatever from being bitten, etc. Now I do understand the way they made the movie, more of a ‘documentary’ as if lived by any of us with a camera at the time and so on. But it’s not what any of us wanted and talking to others, the same but I have read many that liked the movie as it was and so on. As always, everyones opinion is different and they are entitled to it.

I hope there is a sequel, as talks of this already going surfacing and on there internet. But I hope it goes in a different direction and not the same way they did it.

I would definitely call this and best describe this movie as a Blair Witch Project meets Godzilla movie as others have been calling it.