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One in every 10 students encounter sex abuse.

Not to go out of whack and make fun of a potentially dangerous issue, however such numbers lead me to believe somewhat that this is the facts on basis of parents like those who think video games are behind the violence in today’s society.

Truly, if you were 1 of the 10, I hope you don’t find this offensive, but seriously growing up, I don’t even remember a time where something like this could have happened in the classroom scene.

I didn’t fully read up on the issue, however it is attached for your reading pleasure. I did hear it on the radio and they said ‘inappropriate gestures’ are a form of sexual abuse…

…so tell me when my hot male substitute teacher was cupping his hand and shaking a hidden white out bottle he was really making an advance on me? wassat

Come on. I just can’t go along with it. Sorry.

As people move day by day to a considered ‘edgier’ lifestyle as currently enjoyed by Europeans it seems that day by day more and more ‘conservative’ types surface. I think it’s time for all the naughty librarians to already drop the square frames and just get on with life.