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Here is a quick list of the movies for this year that I am definitely looking forward to seeing.

Easy list to browse through:

  • American Reunion
  • The Expendables 2
  • 21 Jump Street
  • Battleship
  • Chronicle
  • Safe House
  • The Avengers
  • This Means War
  • The Lucky One
  • The Vow
  • Lock-out (aka MS One: Maximum Security)
  • Goon
  • The Dictator

Otherwise, I would highly recommend clicking read more and reading my comments towards each individual movie, why I want to see each one and their trailers. I will also likely be updating this list as more movie trailers get released such as the remake of Total Recall later this year.


  • The Bourne Legacy
  • The Hunger Games
  • Neighborhood Watch
  • Safe

American Reunion – I am a huge American Pie fan, period. I can constantly watch American Pie 1, 2 and 3 over and over again as I always do when I catch it on TV. I am glad that the original cast is back, of course, it would not even be the same if they were not and it would just be almost another spin off movie like those after American Wedding.

The Expendables 2 – We all know how badass the first one was so I know it will be even more badass again with the same actors as well as Chuck Norris and Jean-Claude Van Damme joining the cast. Who will fight Jean-Claude? Seeing how he is a bad guy in the movie, I would imagine it will be Chuck Norris but any of the other good guys would also be a good fight against him too. I hope we will see more of Arnold Schwarzenegger in this movie too, I have missed him being in movies ever since he became The Governator.

21 Jump Street – I love a lot of actors as well as the 2 in this movie, Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill. Jonah Hill’s acting career has really taken off, actually both have and for the best, too!

Battleship – I could be wrong and I am pretty sure about this while not bothering to look up more details, but this movie should be like the Battleship board game that maybe you played as a child or have at least heard of. Either way, it looks like it will be good and it has Taylor Kitsch from one of the greatest TV shows ever made, Friday Night Lights.

Chronicle – I hope this movie will be good and I do like Michael B. Jordan too. But it really has a J.J. Abrams feel to it and some of his movies have really been bad over the years or more so just confusing and they go unexplained such as

Safe House – Ryan Reynolds is one of my favorite actors of all time and Denzel Washington is another and one of the greatest actors to live too. So them two together in one movie, action packed, is just going to be great.

The Avengers – It is the Avengers, is there really much more I need to say? Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, Hawkeye, Black Widow and everyone else all in one movie, it cannot get more awesome than this yet alone the actors who play them. :)

Wrath of Titans – If no one knew, this is the sequel to Clash of the Titans which was not that good at all. However, this one looks good so I will at least watch it one way or another if not in theatre. Plus, Sam Worthington is a badass actor.

This Means War – This movie just looks absolutely ridiculous and hilarious as Chris Pine and Tom Hardy fight over Reese Witherspoon. If you watch the trailer some of the scenes are just ridiculous and funny. Hopefully all of the funny scenes are not only found in the trailer though.

The Lucky One – This just seems like a good movie, Zac Efron is a great actor in the most recent years such as his roles in 17 Again and Charlie St. Cloud.

The Vow – I am seeing this because of Channing Tatum because he is a badass actor, even if this is what some people would call a “chick flick.”

Lock-out (aka Ms One: Maximum Security) – This movie reminds me of other Fortress and other movies similar such as Escape from LA and a few others. It actually looks like it will be a decent movie.

Goon – Seann William Scott is hilarious and awesome, this movie likes it will at least be half decent for comedy so I want to see it for that and him.

The Dictator – I was not too much of a fan of Borat, not that it was not funny or anything but this one I will need to go see for some comedy.

The Bourne LegacyJeremy Renner is an awesome actor, especially when he plays the good guy in his movies. I also think he is a better actor than Matt Damon.

Neighborhood Watch – Jonah Hill, Vince Vaughn, and Ben Stiller are in this movie and damn, does it look hilarious! LOL I cannot wait to the summer to see this comedy group together. Jonah Hill is on fire with his movies and they all have been great for me. The same goes for Vince Vaughn movies and Ben Stiller always.