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First you need to enable Developer Options if you haven’t already, you can do this by going to Settings > Device Options and then tap on Serial Number several times. Then once they have been enabled, go into Developer Options and enable USB debugging by checking “Enable ADB.”

Second you need to make sure you have installed ADB and PC ADB drivers on your computer, you can install them by downloading them from here. If you have problems installing those, then install this alternative set instead from here.

Once that is installed, connect your Fire to your computer and open up Command Prompt to use the following ADB commands and type in the following:

That’s it. You should no longer see anymore ads on your lock screen.

  • Lucas_D

    Did it. Still seeing them.

    What’s Plan B?

  • D Kent

    For Fire 5.1.x or later versions (the current is you need to run the below which has one additional “pm clear” command line. Once I did that it worked!

    adb shell
    pm clear
    pm hide
    adb reboot

  • Lucas_D

    That fixed it, only to have Amazon come in and undo it with an auto-update. It’s like they don’t even know how little attachment I have to their Kindle Launcher…

  • D Kent

    I know. Now I used the: pm uninstall command, but it came back today again…still working on a permanent fix.