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So a week ago Halo 2 came out, I got it the same day… I did not wait in line, rather I went at 6pm CST to go get the game, was able to, very easy.

So we got it, later that night, I started to play it, as I wanted to play the game on co-op with my brother, so we did.

Thursday night, we beat the game, total of between 6 to 7 hours. We did not play constantly of course, as we have other things to do, school, work, etc.

So what did we think of it? We both were disappointed, and we were wishing that GTA:SA disc did not get damaged, as my brother accidently did, and have not had time to pick up another copy.

So what was wrong with the game? Not enough ammo, to point out first, a lot harder to hold your favorite gun in this game, if it is the SMG, Battle Rifle or maybe Sniper. Which sucks, big time.

You are not just Master Chief in this game, you are also the Elite/Convenent, which I did not enjoy much what so ever.

Legendary is like near impossible, as we found out, we are doing co-op on it, and why is it so near impossible? Because we do not have enough ammo, and the Elite soldiers seem to never EVER miss, which is cool but not 100% accuracy… ALL the time, but it is beatable, we have beat a few levels, and it will take time to beat it all on lengendary… the challenge is great just ammo sucks once again.

Many more things, but, oh well… GTA:SA is the choice to get in my opinion for this christmas if you are not able to get it yet, over Halo 2.

I’ve 60% complete with the game, what a great game.

Ignore all the problems with the game, such as graphic problems, random freezes, not being able to do some stuff because it will crash the game (like the club freezing problem when you dance) and such other stuff. or just stuff that should of been fixed like flying sucks…the controls/etc.

Put all that aside, and you have a great game here… soooo much stuff to do in the game, that you never could before.

You even have a great 2 player mode, where you can roam with whomever, great if you like to go around killing whomever/cops, getting lots of stars on you, etc. The problem with it though is it does not give you all the weapons you have and what not… such as the rocket (sucks, but you can still lock on helis easily and shoot them down, nice).

Ahh… and in a few days, Halo 2! So I will start playing that… and getting that beat, which I am at least trying to beat San Andreas now… and do all the other stuff to get 100% complete after Halo 2.

So what should you do? Go buy GTA:SA, and a PS2, if you do not have one laughing

Finally beat Ninja Gaiden for XBOX earlier yesterday… only took forever too, lol. Started to play on the newly added difficultly Very Hard… gave up after while, rather not go through the long days (hours) of killing bats over and over… for money, lol.

Now to play San Andreas then over to Halo 2 when that is released in alil over a week.

I’m definiately not going in a plane with this!


A University of Florida scientist has grown a living “brain” that can fly a simulated plane, giving scientists a novel way to observe how brain cells function as a network.

The “brain” — a collection of 25,000 living neurons, or nerve cells, taken from a rat’s brain and cultured inside a glass dish — gives scientists a unique real-time window into the brain at the cellular level. By watching the brain cells interact, scientists hope to understand what causes neural disorders such as epilepsy and to determine noninvasive ways to intervene.

As living computers, they may someday be used to fly small unmanned airplanes or handle tasks that are dangerous for humans, such as search-and-rescue missions or bomb damage assessments.

“We’re interested in studying how brains compute,” said Thomas DeMarse, the UF professor of biomedical engineering who designed the study. “If you think about your brain, and learning and the memory process, I can ask you questions about when you were 5 years old and you can retrieve information. That’s a tremendous capacity for memory. In fact, you perform fairly simple tasks that you would think a computer would easily be able to accomplish, but in fact it can’t.”

While computers are very fast at processing some kinds of information, they can’t approach the flexibility of the human brain, DeMarse said. In particular, brains can easily make certain kinds of computations ? such as recognizing an unfamiliar piece of furniture as a table or a lamp ? that are very difficult to program into today’s computers.

“If we can extract the rules of how these neural networks are doing computations like pattern recognition, we can apply that to create novel computing systems,” he said.

Actual Article: UF News
Source: slashdot and Neowin

I have to agree with this article almost completely, but maybe not all, as I have not read it completely laughing


Opinion: In Part II of his series on Microsoft’s biggest failures, David Coursey claims the software giant has failed miserably to create upgrades that excite its users.

When was the last time Microsoft released an upgrade that got you really excited? An upgrade you wanted because it did something new that you actually needed done?

I’m not talking about a security fix or a patch necessary to make something work properly (which would seem to include Windows XP SP2), but something that gave you new functionality so important that you just had to have it.

In my life, I remember wanting Office 98 to get long file names, or was that Office 95? Office XP tried to make interesting but little-used features easier to find, a strategy reversed by Office 2003, where a nice upgrade to Outlook became the star. None of these set the world afire.

Source: eweek

If you’re one of about 200 million people using older versions of Windows and you want the latest security enhancements to Internet Explorer, get your credit card ready. Microsoft this week reiterated that it would keep the new version of Microsoft’s IE Web browser available only as part of the recently released Windows XP operating system, Service Pack 2. The upgrade to XP from any previous Windows versions is $99 when ordered from Microsoft. Starting from scratch, the OS costs $199.

News from: Neowin
Source: CNET

Are you a windows 98 second edition user? Well, if you are and did not know, a long time ago, Microsoft stopped doing windows updates for the operating system.

It was not much of a bad move, since Windows XP is way more secure and much better, in many ways, even though it still has problems but what operating system, you could say linux/mac, but still nothing is perfect.. or “ever will be.”

But, if you still have Windows 98 Second Edition, it is up to you if you want to download this UNOFFICIAL Service Pack 1.16.2 which was made by exuberant software @


Lets all welcome back smile

Been awhile since I’ve worked on a decent design, what you see here, is a very simple design, and this is where I will start this website from and take it from here.

You can thank my friend Nikki for all the border images, and main image of along with the little logo. smile thank you nikki!

So what will become of I am going to provide computer help, guides, reviews, regular day life, anything and everything hopefully.

Now, other sites have this? Of course, I will just simply be another one to do it for my pleasure/fun/etc…

What do I want you to do? lets sign up at the forums and start discussing whatever wink as I have once again, reformatted the board, so you will have to resign up, this will be the last time because I am now using the final version of invision board, instead of the betas.

Everyone that checks this site… some delays, as usual, in the past few years of nothing at this site, have happened, so soon.. still.

Other then that, make sure you upgrade to SP2.

Yes, there are problems with some applications, etc, I am sure that will be sorted out soon, but it is recommended to move on to SP2… and take the risk… which should be fixable… or at least, soon… Due to the security updates, etc that they have made for us :) If not, go linux/mac if you are going to complain…

Been working on a design for quite some time now, not sure about content, but, we will see how that goes with work and school…

I will be sure to add some helpful guides, and useful legal files, etc… and links to other places for all your pleasure.

I killed the forums and put them back up… not like I’ll use them or whatever though.. heh