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Are you a windows 98 second edition user? Well, if you are and did not know, a long time ago, Microsoft stopped doing windows updates for the operating system.

It was not much of a bad move, since Windows XP is way more secure and much better, in many ways, even though it still has problems but what operating system, you could say linux/mac, but still nothing is perfect.. or “ever will be.”

But, if you still have Windows 98 Second Edition, it is up to you if you want to download this UNOFFICIAL Service Pack 1.16.2 which was made by exuberant software @


Lets all welcome back smile

Been awhile since I’ve worked on a decent design, what you see here, is a very simple design, and this is where I will start this website from and take it from here.

You can thank my friend Nikki for all the border images, and main image of along with the little logo. smile thank you nikki!

So what will become of I am going to provide computer help, guides, reviews, regular day life, anything and everything hopefully.

Now, other sites have this? Of course, I will just simply be another one to do it for my pleasure/fun/etc…

What do I want you to do? lets sign up at the forums and start discussing whatever wink as I have once again, reformatted the board, so you will have to resign up, this will be the last time because I am now using the final version of invision board, instead of the betas.

Everyone that checks this site… some delays, as usual, in the past few years of nothing at this site, have happened, so soon.. still.

Other then that, make sure you upgrade to SP2.

Yes, there are problems with some applications, etc, I am sure that will be sorted out soon, but it is recommended to move on to SP2… and take the risk… which should be fixable… or at least, soon… Due to the security updates, etc that they have made for us :) If not, go linux/mac if you are going to complain…

Been working on a design for quite some time now, not sure about content, but, we will see how that goes with work and school…

I will be sure to add some helpful guides, and useful legal files, etc… and links to other places for all your pleasure.

I killed the forums and put them back up… not like I’ll use them or whatever though.. heh

One in every 10 students encounter sex abuse.

Not to go out of whack and make fun of a potentially dangerous issue, however such numbers lead me to believe somewhat that this is the facts on basis of parents like those who think video games are behind the violence in today’s society.

Truly, if you were 1 of the 10, I hope you don’t find this offensive, but seriously growing up, I don’t even remember a time where something like this could have happened in the classroom scene.

I didn’t fully read up on the issue, however it is attached for your reading pleasure. I did hear it on the radio and they said ‘inappropriate gestures’ are a form of sexual abuse…

…so tell me when my hot male substitute teacher was cupping his hand and shaking a hidden white out bottle he was really making an advance on me? wassat

Come on. I just can’t go along with it. Sorry.

As people move day by day to a considered ‘edgier’ lifestyle as currently enjoyed by Europeans it seems that day by day more and more ‘conservative’ types surface. I think it’s time for all the naughty librarians to already drop the square frames and just get on with life.

lakers win the west conf as well as the pistons winning the eastern, so that game will be this sunday.

i am about to leave for now, and not like anyone really reads this pathetic shit, i have some stuff to post later…

I watched it tonight, I personally thought it was a great movie, but, it is almost the same as every movie out there, typical this and that without giving your details / spoilers… Go see it for yourself if you have not yet.

In other news, lakers lost game 5 and will play game 6 at home now… they lost by 2.. not that I am all a big fan of basketball but I have been keeping up with the games, mostly the lakers games, lol.

Now, to wait till The Chronicles of Riddick comes out.. :P and some other movies…