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Since last Wednesday night I have been playing Oblivion as much as I possibly can. This game is addicting and fantastic. I have never been into RPG type games but this game, is simply amazing and I just can not put it done. I no longer even play G.R.A.W. or have any interests in it because of this game. Though I know I will go back eventually and finish beating G.R.A.W. on Hard for the gamerpoints and maybe play with some friends here and there, especially when new maps come out for the game which is expected soon if I recall hearing correctly, either way, they always release new things for previous Ghost Recon games, so no doubt they won’t sometime soon.

Also, the other day I ended up putting in Call of Duty 2 and updated it. The new update is good, no problems at all. Experience no game lag (not network lag) and it was fantastic but very different since I have not played it in forever and having gone from COD2 console to COD2 PC was really hard to get used to even just for 30 minutes because on console you can only play with 8 people including yourself, and on PC, it is what? 32? 64? somewhere around there or less and much more fun and not looking for people forever.

Anyways, I have midterms this week in school. My database essentials class is a pain and the midterm project for that is going to be a headache. My networking class I should have no problem in and I’m not too worried about it.

Back to Oblivion, I am taking it slow, I am around 45 hours into the game and at Level 4 (as I said, taking it slow) I don’t want to move up levels and end up missing something I could of had (trainning, upgrades, etc). I just finished every mission in the Dark Brotherhood tonight, I recommend doing the Dark Brotherhood missions, I thought they were pretty cool and you get and to wear an awesome suit.

Other than that, I’ve been good. I tried the demo of Blazing Angels and thought it was pretty cool. Not a game I’d buy though but definiately rent off of GameFly. I just received The Outfit from GameFly this past Saturday and have yet to even play it because of Oblivion though I will someday soon.