Since October 2013, I no longer play RIFT.

If you remember me, you’re more than welcome to send me a message on Discord: mistical#1337

I am Mistical and formerly apart of the No Quarter guild on Laethys.

I play a Rogue and now a days since I have stopped raiding I just PVP, with full Warlord gear. I occasionally join a FT or EE PDKP and still run dungeons for fun.

Notable Gear Shard Firsts (401 total discoveries as of 12/13/2012):

Achievements: 13155 of 18680 (formerly 10665/11435). (Last Updated December 2012)

Before No Quarter; and for a long time, I was apart of the guild Exposure on Faeblight; 8/8 ID and 1/4 FT in Storm Legion before having left with the following:

  • Hard Mode Maklamos Scryer – World 5th
  • Rusila Dreadblade
  • Laethys – World 11th
  • Maelforge Eggs – World 11th
  • Maelforge Shard First – World 12th

Before Storm Legion arrived, I had full relic DPS and tank gear, PVP rank 50 and full PA .

More coming soon… gear, screenshots, and more probably to fill this out and make it interesting?

I also have an alt Warrior; formerly named Mistokuzi on Faeblight (which was semi based of our guild leader Tokuzi’s name lol). It raided with Exposure’s Raid Group 2 and it ended up with pretty much all DPS relic before Storm Legion hit. When we started Exposure’s Raid Group 2, it took just 5-6 weeks, lots of new raiders and not as geared as our core group to reach reach 8/8 in Infernal Dawn and later get ID Conqueror with that group as well.

Finally in 2013 I have started to actually not get bored while leveling 2 more alts (and putting it off), a Cleric and a Mage. I have mostly been leveling them in PVP as I absolutely hate repeating Quests especially in RIFT.

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