51 Nightblade / 10 Marksman / 5 Riftstalker

Link to this build: 51 Nightblade / 10 Marksman / 5 Riftstalker

This spec was last updated for RIFT 1.10.

You will want to make sure you are using the Hammerknell 4 piece crystal called Zardonis’ Nightblade Crystal.


  • Better single target than 49 (or 48 without the useless point into Dark Containment) NB and 17/18 sin.
  • Great AoE.


Conceal > Dark Malady > Fiery Spike x3 > Finisher or Blazing Strike

Remember you only have a 30 second stealth time with a cooldown of 10 seconds when it wears off. You will need to make sure that before your tank pulls that you stealth (Conceal) as most fights will pull you into combat before having the chance to stealth. While in stealth, you will open up with Dark Malady giving you a 15 second buff increasing your damage dealt by 15%.

You also have Shadow Shift to port you 15 meters so you can get to the boss faster since you will move slow in stealth with this spec and have no other shifting abilities.


#show Dusk Strike
cast Dusk to Dawn
cast Dusk Strike
cast Twilight Force
cast Fiery Chains
cast Primal Strike
cast Fiery Spike

You will want to use Ebon Fury at the right time and constantly spam the builder for the next 15 seconds while making sure that Fiery Spike’s stacks are being kept up on your target.


#show Scourge of Darkness
cast Scourge of Darkness
cast Blazing Strike
cast Flame Thrust

Make sure to hit Scourage of Darkness with 5 combo points. Flame Thrust will only be used when you are ranged from the target so try and stay melee for Blazing Strike.


#show Fiery Chains
cast Fiery Chains
cast Weapon Flare

I personally do NOT macro Living Flame, which is a great AoE but you will want to use it a lot at your own control though since it is a 1 minute cooldown.


Smoldering Blades
Hellfire Blades
Planebound Resilience