RareNerd Released

I am happy to announce the first initial release of RareNerd, an addon that will assist you with finding all the rares in Rift. This includes all of the new rares added with Storm Legion and full support for them. This is an updated and modified version of RareDar.

You can download the addon here, or at RiftUI or Curse.


  • Drag and drop the contents of the folder into your Rift/Interface/Addons folder; overwrite all files when upgrading. The default location for this is in your Documents folder.

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RIFT 2.1 Hotfix #7 Rogue Fixes – 2/6/13


  • Poison Mastery: Now increases weapon damage and attack power of the Rogue’s poison-coated weapons, and increases the chance to apply poison by 6-30% (up from 5-25%).
  • Expose Weakness: Now increases Physical damage taken from the Rogue by up to the specified damage. No longer has a limit on the number of times this can occur. The increased Physical damage taken from the Rogue now scales even more with Attack Power.
  • Serrated Blades and all weapon poisons can now critically hit.
  • Physical Trauma: Increases the damage of your damage over time attacks by 10-20%, up from 5-10%.
  • Puncture: The damage bonus from Physical Trauma now applies to the damage over time effect of Puncture.


  • Contra Tempo: Increases the weapon damage and attack power contribution to the Rogue’s offhand attacks by 7-35%, up from 5-25%.
  • Twin Strike, Compound Attack: AoE radius increased to 7 meters, up from 5.


  • Static Shock Munitions: Now increases damage dealt by 15%, up from 6%.
  • Silver Tip Munitions: Increases damage taken from the Rogue by 5% per stack, up from 3%.
  • Electrified Munitions, Static Shock Munitions: Can now critically hit.


  • Ignited Weapons and all weapon enchantments can now critically hit.
  • Ignited Weapons: Now causes the target to burn for 100-200% of your weapon damage over 4 seconds, up from 50-100%. Fixed a bug where damage was not being properly computed.
  • Ebon Blades: Increases damage taken from the Rogue by 5% per stack, up from 3%.
  • Weapon Flare, Fiery Chains: AoE radius increased to 7 meters, up from 5.
  • Enkindle: Now increases the damage of Fiery Spike by 15-30%, up from 10-20%.
  • Smoldering Blades: Fixed a bug where consuming 5 stacks of the Smoldering Blades effect was triggering the damage effect from the Warlock’s Neddra’s Torture.


  • Twin Shot: Damage increased.
  • Concussive Blast: Now affects up to 5 targets, up from 3.
  • Ace Shot: The debuff now causes the player’s pet to deal 40% more damage to the target, up from 25%.