51 Marksman / 14 Ranger / 1 Riftstalker

Link to this build: 51 Marksman / 14 Ranger / 1 Riftstalker

This spec was last updated for RIFT 1.10.

Why is this spec so great? Well while it may not be our best DPS spec, it is still one of the top DPS specs and with the greatest mobility and utilities of all specs. This is the spec you will likely use sometimes when not using the 51 Ranger spec and depending if your raid needs a rogue for purges or interrupting.


  • You have 1 interrupt with a 10 second cooldown called Deaden.
  • You have 1 purge called Eradicate that instantly removes up to 2 buffs and has no more travel time since 1.8.
  • You have a 35 meter range and this allows fights to be even easier for you at time versus those in melee specs.
  • You have On The Double if you ever get in trouble and need to get out or to somewhere fast.
  • You also have Shadow Shift and Hasted Shot if you ever get in trouble as well.


  • Not the highest DPS spec.

Builder with Marksman Crystal:

#show Shadow Fire
cast Shadow Fire
cast Empowered Shot
cast Crippling Shot
cast Quick Shot

You have the choice to manually apply Splinter Shot (cast) on cooldown. I would not macro it and/or waste a combo point.

Builder with Ranger Crystal:

#show Shadow Fire
cast Shadow Fire
cast Splinter Shot
cast Crippling Shot
cast Quick Shot

Why macro Quick Shot instead of Swift Shot? It turns out it is actually a DPS increase. But you would think it would actually be a DPS increase to manually reapply Quick Shot every 5 seconds when it falls off and bleeds while doing damage with Swift Shot instead.


#show Rapid Fire Shot
cast Rapid Fire Shot
cast Head Shot

If you are using the Marksman Crystal, you could add “cast Empowered Shot” to your Finisher Macro if you feel as if that will be better for you since it will be an instant after using a finisher.

The reason I do not use Hasted Shot in my finisher macro over Head Shot and constantly rebuffing Bestial Fury is because for as much as I and others have tested it, it is a DPS increase as well as the fact it crits more and hits harder then Hasted Shot from our results.

I only use Deadeye Shot for when I apply the 1 minute cooldown of Bull’s Eye. You can get off more Head Shot’s in all of the time it takes to cast Deadeye Shot.

Rotation with Marksman Crystal:

    Builder x2 > Quick Shot > Head Shot > Builder > Finisher > Empowered Shot/Builder > Finisher

Rotation with Ranger Crystal:

    Builder x2 > Quick Shot > Head Shot > Builder > Finisher


#show Fan Out
cast Lightning Fury
cast Fan Out

Do not macro in Crossfire, but feel free to put it somewhere to use here and there though for such reasons to give your fingers a break or whatever else it may be, but make sure to stand more than 10 meter back from the enemies.


Silver Tip Munitions
Electrified Munitions
Predatory Instincts

You also have another ability that hits hard and should only be used when you have 9 stacks of Silver Tip Munitions on your target called Strafe.

Then you also have Quick Reload which removes the cooldown of Bull’s Eye and Strafe so you can use them again.