22 Assassin / 22 Riftstalker / 22 Bladedancer — Mistical’s Solo Spec

Link to this build: 22 Assassin / 22 Riftstalker / 22 Bladedancer

This spec was last updated for RIFT 1.10.

If you are not geared enough (ID or HK gear) then I would highly recommend this point distributions instead, nothing else changes like macros, etc.

Alternative solo build for less geared: Link to this build: 20 Assassin / 24 Riftstalker / 22 Bladedancer

This alternative build gives you an additional 6% reduced damage taken instead of 3% as well as improved meditative trance which increases the healing by 50%.


  • Perfect solo spec for World Events, Zone Events, Invasions, Questing, Chronicles and much more.
  • Works great in low level Dungeons if you want to help level someone and que as Tank or DPS.
  • Can work great in Expert Dungeons if you have a geared and/or skilled healer if you que as Tank.


  • Not a raid spec.


#show Precision Strike
cast Precision Strike
cast Phantom Blow
cast Puncture
cast Quick Strike
cast Keen Strike
cast Flash of Steel
cast Expose Weakness
cast Reprisal


#show Shadow Blitz
cast Shadow Assault
cast Shadow Blitz
cast Shadow Stalk

You will use these as much as possible, when on cooldown and only every 10 seconds or longer. The reason why you will use it every 10 seconds or longer is because of the different buffs you get depending if you are using either Stalker Phase or Guardian Phase at the time.

If you are in Stalker Phase and plane shift, you will get both Cruel Vengeance buff for 10% increased damage and the Stalker Phase buff for 10 seconds of 15% increased damaged. If you are in Guardian Phase you will Rift Guard (absorbs damage), Planar Vortex for 8 seconds and Cruel Vengeance.

Finishers (none of these will be macro’d):

Final Blow
Meditative Trance
Guarded Steel
Dauntless Strike

It would depend on your gear level as to which finishers to use first, second and so on but for my ID/HK gear level I use Annihilate first for the Attack Power buff, then sometimes followed by either Guarded Steel the 30% armor increase and to put up Rift Guard for or Dauntless Strike for the 5% increased critical hit.

I normally only use Meditative Trance when I am in trouble and with low health. Also remember that you have Rift Scavenger available to you when you are low health, so build and do not use the combo points on a target with the lowest health and kill it to get your unused combo points refunded to you for 6% of your maximum health.


#show Twin Strike
cast Rift Disturbance
cast Twin Strike

Twin Strike awards 1 combo point, so you can easily build combo points to use Compound Attack or any of the other many single target finishers. Rift Disturbance as of 1.8 does not award 1 combo point, the tooltip is getting fixed in 1.9.

AoE Finisher:

Compound Attack


#show Weapon Barrage
cast Weapon Barrage
cast Planar Disruption


Baneful Touch
Leeching Poison
Lethal Poison
Combat Preparation
Planebound Resilience
Stalker Phase OR Guardian Phase (situational)

If you are not geared enough, I would strongly suggest using Guardian Phase majority of the time, you will still deal a lot of damage especially when teleporting a lot so you can throw up Planar Vortex.