61 Assassin / 9 Marksman / 6 Ranger

This spec is designed for RIFT 2.0+ and last updated for RIFT 2.2 Raiding/PVE.

The spec: 61 Assassin / 9 Marksman / 6 Ranger
Alternative spec: 61 Assassin / 10 Marksman / 5 Nightblade

The main spec is more focused around Crit Power and the alternative spec is more focused around Attack Power. I’d recommend taking a look over your gear and stats first and also even parsing both on a raid dummy or bringing both specs to a raid if you are new or whichever else it may be. The main spec is a lot better than the alternative especially if you like to min/max.

If you have any questions about anything below feel free to make a comment and I will reply to you as soon as possible. I will continue to edit this build over time. I may either change or reword anything as needed or add more information, tips and so forth where needed. There is a lot of information already here, and there might be just slightly more that could be necessary to add as well.

Synergy Crystals:

Gilded Assassin Crystal
T'Scain's Assassin Crystal


#show Backstab
cast Serpent Strike
cast Backstab
cast Savage Strike
cast Swift Shot

I recommend taking Serpent Strike out and maintaining it yourself on a separate key. This is up to you in the end as well as how you manage abilities among everything else you will be managing in this Assassin build.

If you are using the alternative build with 5 Nightblade, take out Swift Shot and replace it with Fiery Spike instead.


Final Blow

This is not a macro. You can setup a macro for Final Blow if you are going to include the Ranged finisher. You can read more about the rotation below, in short you want to make sure Impale is always on your target and then just using Final Blow when it is.

Thread of Death:

#show Thread of Death
cast Thread of Death
cast Jagged Strike

Thread of Death is a 30 second cooldown that allows you to use a stealth ability while out of stealth. The best ability to use for this is Jagged Strike, and never Assassinate. You will use this on cooldown only after a finisher. Also do not use it when Jagged Strike is already on your target from either just coming out of Stealth or using Slip Away.

Poison Malice:

Poison Malice

I highly recommend that you do not put this in your builder macro, even more so if you want to min/max and much more.

The best time to use this would be with Flaring Power, which is usually within the first 10 to 30 seconds of the fight. So check with your Archon (a Mage) when they are putting it up. There are a lot of Archon’s that usually make this into a chat notification such as /raid or /yell. You could also just make a KaruulAlert for yourself too rather than paying attention to chat.


Expose Weakness > Jagged Strike > Puncture > Serpent Strike > Impale

This opener is used from Stealth only.

Rotation after Opener:

Builder x5 > Final Blow >
Serpent Strike > Thread of Death Macro (with Jagged Strike) > Puncture > Final Blow >
Builder x5 > Final Blow >
Serpent Strike > Builder > Slip Away > Jagged Strike > Puncture > Impale >

Make sure you perform the Opener Rotation first. This is your basic rotation for everything afterwards, at least at the beginning. When you use Slip Away, just use Jagged Strike and Puncture if necessary after otherwise your Builder or Serpent Strike.

You are likely not always going to stick to an exact rotation or one such as this, this is because of disconnects you might need do for a particular boss encounter or swapping targets and so forth. Try to keep all your bleeds up, and use abilities pretty much off cooldown such as Thread of Death and Slip Away as long as you are not wasting combo points or could have used them right after a 5 combo point finisher instead of before one.

You want to make sure that Impale is always on your target and never falls off or is off for long at all (priority never off).

If you have multiple bosses or targets, do your best to get Puncture and Impale up on each of them and rotate between too if necessary and if wise to do so.

Slip Away has a 2 minute cooldown so you will not always be using it in your rotation, so be aware when it is up to work it into your rotation again after the first time. You can make it easier on you by setting up a KaruulAlert to tell you when it will be coming off cooldown with say X amount of seconds left or whatever other way that would be best for you if watching it on the bar is not enough.

Thread of Death is a 30 second cooldown, as I mentioned earlier in with the macro. Make sure to constantly work this into your rotation, Jagged Strike deals a lot of your damage in this build so you want it up every chance you get.

Slip Away:

Slip Away

You do not need to macro Slip Away, the reason for this is because once used, you will not break stealth for 3 seconds when damaged. Therefore, you do not need to make a macro with Hidden Veil. It would also be a very slight DPS loss using the macro, and any additional abilities you put in that macro.

Unless, of course you think you might need one, then use the following information below for that.

#show Slip Away
cast Hidden Veil
cast Slip Away

I recommend not putting having up Hidden Veil already, it is still bugged and there are abilities, especially in PVP, that will trigger it while out of Stealth. I am sure it probably happens in PVE too.

Also, as already mentioned, there will be a slight DPS loss using a macro and if you add anymore abilities, such as Cleanse Soul. So you could have a separate key with this macro just in case you need to use it.

Optional: Add Cleanse Soul to this macro or mainly maintain use if you even have it from the PVP Planar Attunement Tree.

Leaping Plunge:

Leaping Plunge

This is not a macro and do not put this inside of a macro or the builder. You will only use this ability for disconnects and nothing else.

On The Double:

On The Double

You will always use this your opener as your tank pulls the boss. You can use this ability in Stealth without breaking it. Also use this for any disconnects if it is off cooldown.

My KAlerts:

KA:Impale Missing:asQ3feNo1TssKgzAQ/CObB9HKnGo14KUHsTehrDWVUFuDBlr/vjFQdthhh

KA:Puncture Missing:a3pqpeNo1Tl0LgzAQ+0fu6kfnyJNOC3sZQ9ybMDqto0xUbGXz368WxoU

Jagged Strike:
[crayon]KA:Jagged Strike:a8dYkeNotjsEKwjAQRH/FL4jZ1G2VPZXagh481HoLSDRpCBYraTz0702CvD
KA:Jagged Strike Missing:aZyKbeNo1jsEKwjAQRH/FL6jZhLTKnEJtQA8ear0VJNoYgsVKGg

Expose Weakness:
[crayon]KA:Expose Weakness:acWrteNo1js8KwjAMh1/FJ6jt+meMnHS24MXDmHgZSHVRimMba0H39rZF
KA:Expose Weakness Missing:a1ku7eNo1jsEKwjAQRH/FL4hJk7SUOWlNwIuHUvFSkGijBEtb

[crayon]KA:Malicious Poison:ampBteNo1jssKwjAQRX/FL6iJTWPLrIw24EKRUncFiX3EgZBIExf9e9O
KA:Lethal Poison:aSQFReNo1jsEKwjAQRH/FL6jZqq1lTiEmIIhIibeCRJtioDTF5NK/Nw3K28
KA:Virulent Poison:aFWuPeNo1jsEKwjAQRH/FL6i7rW2UOWlswItIqZ4KktoKgZKUNh7696ZB
KA:Predatory Instincts:aBgEIeNo1js0KgzAQhF+lT2CzplXDnvwFL6WIvQkl9QcWJJFkL759


Predatory Instrincts
Malicious Poison
Lethal Poison
Virulent Poison

If you are using the alternative spec you will not have the Predatory Instincts buff.

You have the option to use Enfeebling Poison over Virulent Poison too but I personally would not.