2.0 Rogue Patch Notes


  • Planar Attunement – Earth: Mace and Axe Mastery should now work with offhand axes.


  • Damage increased on Serpent Strike, Malicious Poison, Jagged Strike, Assassinate.


  • Motif of Bravery: Fixed tooltip so it shows a 1% Critical Hit chance increase, rather than 5%.
  • Invigorated Soul: Cadence now heals party or raid members for 2-6% of your Attack Power, down from 4-12%.
  • Chord of Inspiration: Power Chord now heals party or raid members for 3-9% of your Attack Power, down from 5-15%. Now has a chance to critically hit.
  • Coda of Restoration, Motif of Regeneration, Verse of Vitality: Healing reduced.
  • Verse of Vitality: Now heals up to 5 group members.
  • Harmonic Distortion: Healing done has been increased.


  • Sniper Training: Damage for cast-time and channeled attacks is increased by 3-15%, down from 4-20%.
  • Electrified Munitions: Damage reduced.
  • Silver Tip Munitions: Now stacks up to three times, down from five.
  • Vampiric Munitions: Now has a 50% chance to apply debuff, increased from 20%.
  • Penatrating Shots: Also ignores 2-10% of the target’s resistances.
  • Strafe: Damage increased.
  • Barbed Shot: Fixed the tooltip showing incorrect damage.


  • Double Shot: No longer able to trigger poisons or weapon enchantments. Damage reduced.
  • Damage of Dire Wolf’s Bite and Maul has been reduced.
  • Damage of Bloof Raptor’s Bloodied Blow and Rend has been reduced.
  • Prey on the Weak: Damage bonus reduced to 8%, down from 10%. Duration is now 15 seconds, down from 20.
  • Shadow Fire: Damage bonus from ranged weapons has been reduced to 3%, down from 5. Damage reduced.
  • Ace Shot: Debuff now increases the damage dealt by the pet to the target by 25%, up from 20%.


  • Guarded Steel: Now generates additional threat.
  • Boosted Recovery: Functionality changed. All healing effects on you are increased by 2-6%. Whenever you kill a target, you are healed for 50-150% of your Attack Power over 10 seconds.
  • Constant Deviation: Now increases damage dealt and the damage you take by 25%, up from 20%.