New Rogue Soul Reveal ‘Tactician’ on Live Stream Friday Oct 5th

Elrar posted in the Rogue forums today that the Rogue soul reveal “Tactician” will be shown on Friday, October 5th. They will be announcing it Monday with further details, we will update this post as soon as they are released.

My main class has always been a Rogue, I love my Rogue and the class itself. I have been excited for Storm Legion for a while with all the soul changes we will see early in Patch 1.11 and then of course the long overdue energy fix in Storm Legion as well as what this new soul; Tactician, will add for us for in specs.

I am really hoping that it will be a DPS soul, preferably a melee class so we can do more than just “Bloodstalker” or Nightblade. I really hope it is not another support soul since we have bard and in my opinion, that is enough.

Originally posted by Elrar (Official Post)
It will indeed be next Friday, October 5th!

Getting all the ducks in a row and we should announce Monday – and if our plans work out you’ll be seeing at least one live stream a week up through launch starting in October as we explore all that Storm Legion has to offer, full steam ahead!

ID gear will be obsolete at Level 60

Daglar posted probably the most upsetting news today, and problem of all time and that is the following:

The information that you were given is incorrect. You will not desire to wear your ID gear at level 60 – nor is it the entry level gear for raiding in Storm Legion.


This upset me and others from my guild, we were hoping to see some type of scaling gear that we heard rumors about. Either way though, I am in between the whole decision, one part of my definitely does not want to grind all my gear again to new relics or if they end up doing transcendent gear. The other part of me understands and will just deal with it the same as going from HK to ID gear.

At least I will be able to get more use out of my shard first Avarice and other ones for a few months still.

1.10 Ranger Pet DPS Bug Found and Fixed

1.10 launched with a Rogue Ranger Pet DPS Bug that caused them to do less DPS. Finally Hotfix #2 #3 will have this bug fixed and we can go back to our normal DPS as Ailion posted today. 🙂

We have identified the bug that have caused Ranger pets to do less DPS.
This will be fixed and deployed in the next build.

Conqueror: Infernal Dawn Completed

Tonight my guild including myself became the World 6th to get Conqueror: Infernal Dawn Achievement.

This is a huge accomplishment for us and one we have been working on for more than a few weeks now. We would have actually had it earlier (World 5th) had we not run into a few issues with our raid as well as blowing the Goldfinger Achievement another week. But oh well, we have it now! This was all before nerfs, the huge nerf to Laethys only made it easier for us to get Goldfinger however we would for sure have got it the old way.

This also brought my achievement score to a total of 10,800 with a few more that I have been very, very slowly working on or really lazy with. I have been leveling up my Warrior to Rank 50 in PVP and previously was working on the trinket then of course more time raiding with our Exposure Weekend Raid Group.

New Warrior Soul Reveal ‘Tempest’ on Live Stream Friday Sept 14th

This Friday Trion World will be streaming the new upcoming Warrior Soul ‘Tempest’ on MMORPG’ Twitch.TV Channel at 3:30PM PST / 6:30PM EST / 10:30PM GMT.

Also if you were wondering about the Rogue and Cleric Soul Reveal, Elrar posted the following:

Rogue will be next followed by Cleric – but you won’t be waiting over a month between this time around!.

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Patch 1.10 Release is Tomorrow; Spend Your 1.4/1.5 World Event Currency

With the release of Patch 1.10 tomorrow, World Event Currency from 1.4 and 1.5 are disappearing for good. So make sure you login and spend what Dragon Tears and Magma Opals you have left.

Hello all! In order to give everyone adequate warning, I’m announcing today that the next phase of the World Event Merchant changes will be coming with 1.10.

The items that you purchase from the merchant from 1.4 and 1.5 will be removed as of 1.10 launch.

These currencies are:

Dragon Tears (1.4)
Magma Opals (1.5)

If you are still leveling your Tartagon or Raptor, you’ll need to hustle, as of the launch of 1.10 they ability to level them further will end.

Again, as I stated prior to 1.9; These items are not being removed from the game and there will be other exciting avenues to acquire them, but they are going to be removed from the World Event Merchant.

Source: World Event Merchant changes for 1.10

RIFT: Storm Legion – Features of the Storm Trailer

Check out the latest RIFT Storm Legion Trailer titled “Features of Storm” in the video below.

Also the release date seems to be November 13th, 2012 as of this moment though they should be announcing it tomorrow if it does happen to be different.